30 Fun and Creative Date Night Ideas You’ll Love

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

February 11, 2019

Heart balloons - Mykidstime date night ideas

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Keeping the magic alive in your relationship can sometimes be pretty difficult when you are both busy, and especially so once kids come along. So let’s go back to basics with some great date night ideas that are fun, creative and give you some important time together.

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Making date night a priority, despite the demands on your time, is important. Even an hour of focused time together can really reignite things.

So, make date night a regular thing – you don’t have to spend a fortune (some of our date night ideas are actually free) and get set for a fun time with your partner, just like you used to do.

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Fun Date Night Ideas

Couple on a date - Mykidstime date night ideas

#1. Have a Laugh

Check out your local comedy club and book tickets for a night of laughter to release those happy endorphins and leave you both feeling recharged.

#2. Escape…Together!

Escape rooms are all the rage with new ones opening all the time. If you are up for the challenge, book a visit to an escape room and let your competitive side out!

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#3. Travel Back in Time

Remember all those bands you used to go and see? Well how about rediscovering some old favourites or discovering some new acts. Check out what gigs are coming up and surprise your significant other with tickets.

#4. Take a Cookery Class

Even if one (or both) of you are amateur home-cooks, there are some great cookery courses on offer that will teach you both some new tips, skills and cuisines. The best bit? You get to eat it at the end of the class.

#5. Kitchen Cook-Off

If cooking in public isn’t your thing, try it out at home. Pick a recipe you’ve never made and give it a go together. (Personally, we would kill each other doing this one, but I know plenty of people who enjoy it!)

#6. Sit on the Sidelines

If there is a sport you both enjoy, get tickets to go see a match. It doesn’t have to be the team you usually support, just go to soak up the atmosphere.

#7. Go Dancing

Couple dancing - Mykidstime date night ideas

There’s nothing quite like letting loose on the dance floor, so get your dancing shoes on for a night on the town. Alternatively, take your dancing somewhere extraordinary!

#8. Dinner Date

For a classic date night idea, book your favourite restaurant for dinner for two and let someone else do the cooking and clearing for a change!

#9. Break for Lunch

If getting out for dinner is harder than it used to be, how about sneaking in a relaxed lunch date? You’ll feel like teens again, meeting in the middle of the day when you don’t usually see each other.

#10. Something Sweet

If your budget doesn’t allow for a meal out, what about just grabbing some dessert? There are few things better than an ice cream and sprinkles…or maybe that’s just me!

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#11. Go On a Mystery Tour

Plan a mystery tour with your other half. Whether you strike out in the car or take a train, boat or bus to visit a secret destination, it will be fun for both the person organising and the person who doesn’t know where they are going!

#12. Look Up Old Haunts

There are many places that hold special memories for couples for lots of different reasons, so re-visit some of your old haunts together and re-live the early days.

#13. Browse Around

Wrap up and take a wander around a local car-boot sale or market – it can be a real treasure trove of exciting finds.

#14. Head to a Farmer’s Market

If antiques or bric-a-brac don’t interest you, what about a trip to a local farmer’s market? Munch your way around, tasting lots of fun snacks and foods, and pick up some treats to bring home.

#15. Sing Your Heart Out

Karaoke - Mykidstime date night ideas

What’s your love song? Karaoke is always a fun night out – and a hilarious option for date night!

#16. Splash Out

Bribe the babysitter (or the in-laws) and take your other half away for a surprise night. You don’t have to go far – even staying locally can be an exciting prospect.

#17. Try a Double Date

We all have friends we haven’t see for ages, so organise a double date to catch up on all the news.

#18. Get Cultural

Is there a new exhibition opening or a new play coming to the theatre? Enjoy what your area has to offer and go to an art gallery, theatre, church, museum or other venue for a date night of culture.

#19. Strike Out

While bowling shoes may not be the typical date night attire, getting competitive at the bowling lanes is great fun!

#20. Get Sweaty

…at a gym class! Try a new class, or one you both enjoy, for a rush of exercise-induced endorphins.

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Free Date Night Ideas

30 Date Night Ideas - Mykidstime

#1. Have a Game Night

Who doesn’t love a board game? Have a giggle together over some good old-fashioned fun – or get the Scrabble board out with only love-themed words allowed!

#2. Go For a Stroll

Head out into the evening with no plan except for a walkabout. Whether you end up stargazing or people watching or even down the local for a quick drink, it is the ideal activity for a catch up with each other.

#3. Grab the Popcorn

Movie night - Mykidstime date night ideas

Whether you head out to see the latest blockbuster at the cinema or curl up together on the sofa, a movie date night can be great fun – you just have to agree on what movie to watch!

#4. Look for Treasure

Have you ever tried geocaching? It’s like a grown-up treasure hunt where you have to figure out the clues to progress. Look for geocaching info in your are to get started.

#5. Splash in the Sea

There is something wonderful about a walk on the beach – even when the weather is blustery and there’s a chill in the air. Breathe in all that glorious sea air as you walk along.

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#6. Look at the Stars

Take a seat in the garden (or out of the city) and just look up. Can you spot a shooting star?

#7. Pack a Picnic

Love - Mykidstime date night ideas

If the weather is good, head off to the local beach or a romantic countryside spot and have a picnic. For days when the weather is not so good, prepare an indoor picnic that you and your partner can enjoy on a rug in front of the fire.

#8. Smell the Roses

Skip the expensive flower bouquet and instead take a walk around the botanical gardens, or other beautiful gardens in your area.

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#9. Get Active

From swimming to bike riding or running to golfing, head out on an active date taking in a hobby or pastime you both enjoy, but may have neglected lately.

#10. Make an Effort

Sometimes just having a special dinner ready or lighting some candles to go with your evening meal is all it takes for a perfect date night.

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Do you have any more date night ideas we should add to our list? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

30 Date Night Ideas - Mykidstime

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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