How To Throw An Out-of-This-World Outdoor Kids Party

Derek Lotts

July 27, 2018

outdoor kids party

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Summer is the ideal time to hold birthday parties, you can have everyone outdoors and enjoy the nice weather (although in Ireland that can be a bit iffy!). You can keep the costs low by hosting an outdoor kids party so here are some tips on how to throw an out-of-this-world outdoor kids party that your child and their guests will have a ball at.

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If you have a reasonable sized back garden or yard, this can be ideal for garden parties, water games, messy entertainment and sporting events. The best part is that you can host a kids party at a fraction of the price of indoor venues.

However, in order for your little party goers to enjoy their time, you need to do some party planning in advance. Here are some handy tips to help you plan.

How to Throw an Out-of-This-World Outdoor Kids Party

Enough Seats In The Court

outdoor kids party seating

Those four patio chairs definitely won’t accommodate 25 knights and dames of the round table. Go through your indoor furniture and select pieces that can go outside. The simplest option is to commandeer the dining chair set, along with any drum stools or borrow some from friendly neighbours or family.

Alternatively, just spread some nice blankets and quilts on the ground and let them gather picnic-style.

Along with other party equipment, folding chairs can be rented for low prices, and many vendors will offer to drop off and pick up. If using folding chairs, just have an adult keep an eye on kids climbing on and off them.

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Add Some Sparkle Outdoors

outdoor kids party lights in jars

You don’t want to leave kids in the dark as the party draws on, but a little ambient light is enough. Little eyes will adjust as the sun sets.

Strings of solar lights on the deck, the fence and even suitable tree branches will provide enough light, while creating additional festive atmosphere. Pick globe string lights as they give off a warm glow and provide enough light.

Add some hurricane lanterns and a few tea lights in the parents’ corner and you will be all set.

Glow sticks are a fun thing to give kids as dusk falls too. You can pick up packs of these at discount stores.

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Themed Decor

outdoor kids party themed

It is much easier to organise and decorate outdoors if there is a recurring theme to the party.

For instance, for a floral party you could use details like fabric rosettes, or pick up flower necklaces or strings at discount shops, give everyone a flower to wear in their hair, and decorate your food tables with pretty flowers.

Once you pick your theme you’ll be able to have fun with decorations, invitations and games to match.

Make witty invitations according to the party theme. They need to include three things

  • when will they be eating
  • what is the attire
  • what is the rain plan

For example if the party is pirate-barbecue-themed, make an announcement like, ‘Captain Barabbas will flip burgers from six to seven on the main deck.’

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Keep Peskies Away

outdoor kids party lavender and bug

Insect bites can spoil the evening fun. Empty any rainwater that has collected in flowerpots or containers a week before the party, removing any potential breeding pools.

Have some bug spray to hand and light some citronella candles around the garden.

An outdoor fan on a low setting can also help keep insects away.

Watery Fun

outdoor kids party water fight

If you plan to have a paddling pool (or are lucky to enough to have your own pool) or get the hose or sprinkler out, and there is to be a lot of splashing about, make sure guests wear flip-flops and bring the swimsuits along.

Have a pile of towels handy for when they finish the wet fun.

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And in case of rain, make sure you have enough room inside for everyone, or invest in an outdoor umbrella or gazebo that will protect little ones from both the rain and the sun.

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Have your say? What’s your best tip for hosting an outdoor kids party in the garden? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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