How to Throw a Magical Enchanted Forest Party

Jill Holtz

June 24, 2019

enchanted forest party

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Do you have a wannabe fairy or elf in the house? Have they been asking for a magical birthday party theme like Enchanted Forest? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s all you need to know to throw a magical enchanted forest party that the kids will love!

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Enchanted Forest parties are the latest popular thing for party themes. To be honest, it feels like a repackaging of a good old-fashioned Fairy party theme, but we won’t quibble! Here are some ideas and tips for holding a lovely enchanted forest party for your birthday elf or fairy!

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Enchanted Forest Party Invites

Enchanted Forest Fairy PartyOf course, the first thing you’ll need is to invite your guests with some magical fairy forest party invites.

We’ve got a free printable invitation that you can download your invites here.

Alternatively, you could make your own Enchanted Forest party invites with your child and turn it into a fun activity. Cut out some great leaf shapes from craft paper and add “magic sparkles” (aka glitter) – perfect!

Or if you are sending invites by text, here’s some handy text to amend and use:

You are cordially invited to a magical
Enchanted Forest Party to celebrate the birthday of
Come dressed in your finest fairy or elf gear to enjoy some fun in the forest

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Enchanted Forest Party Decoration Ideas

Setting the scene with decorations is a great way to bring your party theme to life. Here are some easy and effective ideas for decorations for your enchanted forest party.

Toadstools Seats

Toadstool stools

Image courtesy of Just Add Confetti

What could evoke more of the fairy forest than little toadstools to sit on?! Here’s a simple tutorial from Just Add Confetti for making your own toadstool stools.

Leaves and Foliage

You could gather leaves and foliage to use for decorating. Or make leaf garlands – cut out leaf shapes from craft paper in different green colours, then thread six of them together on a string.


bunting in garden

Whether you are having the party indoors or outside, bunting is a great addition to brighten up the surroundings.

If you’re creative or want to involve the kids, you could also make your own forest themed bunting with deer, acorns, rabbits, foxes and fairies. Here are 6 free printable forest animal shapes you can use.

Enchanted Forest Welcome Sign

Don’t forget a “Welcome to the Enchanted Forest” sign as a nice way to greet your party guests.

Fairy Lights, Of Course!

fairy lights

String up some garlands of fairy lights around the party room or garden. If you have an archway in your garden. then fairy lights can be effective to turn it into a magical doorway. Otherwise turn a door into the Magic Door by decorating it with signs and surrounding it with fairy lights.


Bubbles are an easy way to add some ambience and kids love them too. You could give the guests bubbles when they arrive and ask them to get create bubble clouds, or set up a bubble machine to fill the air with pretty bubbles while the party is going on.

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Enchanted Forest Party Activities and Games

With fairy lights and bubbles setting the scene, it’s time for some magical fun! Here are some ideas for Enchanted Forest Party activities and games:

Animal Masks

printable animal masks enchanted forest party

Make this a craft activity where everyone gets to make their own animal mask to wear. The First Palette website has 12 free printable animal mask templates you can use. Or ask each child to draw their own animal out and help them cut eyes and elastic holes in their specially designed mask.

Make Bird Feeders

This is a lovely nature themed idea, to make bird feeders. Guests can take these home with them too, avoiding the need for expensive party loot bags.

Scavenger Hunt

out for a walk scavenger hunt lead

Split the kids into teams and get them to find nature-themed things. Here’s our free Nature Scavenger sheet to download and print. Or make your own with “magical” items that they have find on their Enchanted Forest Scavenger Hunt, e.g. sparkly rock, acorn, tiny wand, feather, daisy, pinecone, leaf, twig.

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Measure a Tree

Get everyone out to measure a tree! All you need is a tree, a ruler and a tape measure!

Make a Magic Stone

magic stones enchanted forest party

The kids have to decorate a stone or rock with sparkly paint – and, again, they could take their Magic Stone home with them.

Make Fairy Potions

A favourite with my two daughters was making fairy potions or perfume. For this you will need some old jars, long handled spoons, water, then flower petals, lavender, any other herbs you have in the garden. Mix together and you’ve got fairy perfume! Another great party bag alternative.

Magic Wands

Get the kids to decorate their own fairy wand. Set out a selection of craft equipment and supplies, including brightly coloured ribbons, wand sticks, stickers, markers, glue and glitter are the materials to have on hand for this activity.


While your craft activity table is set up, the kids could also make their own party pinwheels to take home.

Paint Butterflies

Everyone has painted butterflies before but in case you’ve forgotten what they are, each child will need a sheet of paper folded in the middle. They put their paint on one side of the page and then fold the sheet over and smooth it out. The paint will spread to the other side making a beautiful butterfly!

Play Fairy Games

fairy party game

Instead of Musical Chairs, everyone can play Musical Toadstools. Similarly, you can transform Musical Statues to Fairy Freeze, a good old game of Tag to Elf Escape, Pin the Wand on the Fairy… the list is endless and a little creativity goes a long way with party themes!

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Enchanted Forest Party Food Ideas

Keep the party food for your enchanted forest party simple and natural.

Bug Snacks

bug snacks

Image courtesy of Woman’s Day

I love these bug themed snacks from Woman’s Day, making snails and caterpillars from fruit and veg. Cute and guilt-free!

Fairy Cakes

No Enchanted Forest party could possibly be complete without fairy cakes. You could also set up a Fairy Cake decorating station where the kids decorate the top of their own fairy cake.

Strawberry Toadstools

strawberries for enchanted forest party

Image found on Pinterest

Kids love berries, so having bowls of them on hand is a great idea. I also love this idea of strawberries upside down on lollipop sticks to look like mini toadstools.

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Animal Cookies

A simple batch of cookies gets a party makeover when cut out into the shape of forest animals – what could be cuter!

Garden Veggies and Dip

lunch box ideas vegetables

Put out a big plate or platter of all sorts of different garden veggies like carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, pepper strips, and some hummus or dip to go with them.

Squirrel Snacks

If there are no allergy issues for kids attending, then put out bowls of nuts aka “squirrel snacks”.

Babybel Ladybirds

ladybird babybel cheeses

Image found on Pinterest

Make ladybirds out of mini Babybel cheeses – how cute!


Magic Drinks

Kids will love the excitement of having a “magic potion” to drink – and you’ll love how simple it is! Just make up a big jug of fruit punch or diluted juice, and add some berries floating in it.

Alternatively, you could brave it out and make healthy green smoothies and try to pass it off as a fairy milkshake…!

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Would your child love an Enchanted Forest party for their birthday? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

How To Hold A Magical Enchanted Forest Party

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