20 Tips for a Green Halloween

Halloween ideas
With the spooky season almost upon us, here are a few Halloween ideas for an autumnal celebration. Most of our tips for a green Halloween are crafty and some are gruesome, so there should be something to please all the little witches, pint-sized demons and their ghoulish parents!

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#1. Tell Ghost Stories

The old ways of entertaining ourselves are still the best. Switch off all the lights, cuddle up by the fire and put on torches or candles (don’t leave unattended) and take it in turns to tell each other the spookiest ghostliest stories you can think of!

#2. Make Green Slime

With just a few ingredients, you can make your own oozy Green Slime – perfect for halloween!

While this is quick and easy to make, it does need adult supervision, so set aside some time to make the slime together.


#3. Decorate Paper Bags

Get out the art & craft materials, some old paper bags and let your imaginations go wild decorating them.

You could use them as decorations for around the house, or you could fill them with goodies for your trick-or-treaters.

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#4. Make Toffee Apples

Have some fun stirring up some toffee, dipping in your apples, then enjoy this Halloween-y treat of toffee apples.

#5. Make a ‘Guess What’s In It’ Box

Cut a hole in the top of a cardboard box. Fill it with gruesome stuff for people to put their hand in and feel, e.g. a carrot for a finger, a peeled grape for an eyeball, cold spaghetti for witches hair…you get the idea!

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#6. Play With Conkers

We have to say the old chestnuts are the best! Next time you are out enjoying your family walk on an autumn day, look out for horse chestnut trees (they have five long leaves together, like a hand) and collect and play conkers.

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#7. Bite Some Apples

All you need for this fun game are some apples and string.

Use an apple corer or skewer to pierce a hole through the apple, then thread a length of string through. Loop the string around the apple and tie a knot. Leave a length of string attached to the apple, then use more string (or a clothesline) to hang the apples horizontally.

Each person has to have a go at “limbo” dancing under and biting the apples without touching them with their hands. Hilarious!

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#8. Make Garlands of Leaves

Collect different colours and different shapes of autumn leaves while out on your weekend walk. Make a little hole in each leaf and thread them on a string.

Hang the garlands around to decorate the house. Once they have dried out you can compost or burn on the fire.

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#9. Upcycle old clothes into costumes.

Dig out some old clothes, hats, scarves. Use your imagination and make your own Halloween costumes.

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#10. Autumn Squashes

At this time of year you can find small squashes and pumpkins at your local farmer’s market or even in the supermarket.

Arrange a pile of different coloured squash and pumpkins at the front door, or on the centre of the dinner table, as decorations – then have them for dinner in November.

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#11. Make Bats & Ghouls

Cut out bats and ghouls from old bed sheets and clothing for great reusable decorations.

#12. Make Your Own Wig

Need a wig for your Halloween costume?  Why not use an old hat and sew on wool or cloth strips to make a wig.

#13. Make Barm Brack

Why not try Lorraine’s special tea barm brack recipe. Traditionally the barm brack contained items such as a pea, a stick, a piece of cloth, a small coin (originally a silver sixpence) and a ring. Nowadays if you buy barm brack you will find a toy ring in it.

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#14. Go Nutty.

Using honey or syrup, “glue” different types of nuts together to make little nut people ornaments.

#15. Mmm Chocolate… 

Dip fruit and dried fruit in melted chocolate for yummy treats. Either microwave (watch out you don’t zap for too long) or melt in a bowl over a pot of water. Use skewers to dip the fruits into the chocolate.

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#16. Apple Bobbing (or Dooking). 

Set up a basin of water on towels on the floor, have some towels handy, pop in a few apples and get everyone to have a go at apple bobbing.

#17. Create your own Halloween Masks.

Have fun with papier-mâché. A balloon, flour, water, old newspapers = two masks to decorate. Let the masks dry completely before painting gruesomely.

#18. Make a Hallowe’en tree.

Decorate a tree in your garden or an old branch with little cloth ghosts and ghouls.

#19. Make scary hands.

Decorate an old pair of gloves with claws on the fingertips or sew on extra fingers from another glove!

And finally….

#20. Greet Your Guests Scarily.

Go out to the composter and cover yourself in worms and spiders before you answer the door to little kids (suggested by my husband – little boys never do grow up).

This article was adapted from an article by Jen Wallace that first appeared on Mama’s Blog on October 17th 2009.

Have you got any more Halloween ideas? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you! 

Halloween ideas

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