Fun Tooth Fairy Books for Your Child’s Magical ‘Toothy’ Milestones

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

April 13, 2022

tooth fairy books

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A wobbly tooth is so exciting – it means the Tooth Fairy is on the way! These tooth fairy books are a great way to build that excitement with your child, particularly if it is their very first tooth to go.

For some children, the thought of a loose or missing tooth can be very daunting. That’s where stories and fun Tooth Fairy books like these can really help. They make it fun and exciting, showing that other children lose their teeth too (sometimes in very funny ways!), and sprinkling a little magic that your child may find reassuring. So snuggle up and get reading some toothy tales!

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Tooth Fairy Books to Read Together

Dear Tooth Fairy by Alan Durant

tooth fairy books

When Holly’s tooth falls out, she doesn’t want to give it up to the Tooth Fairy, so she enters into a correspondence that is full of surprises, and she learns about the world of fairies.

Designed with the under 8s in mind, children will love the five real envelopes with the main character’s responses from the Tooth Fairy. Dear Tooth Fairy features numerous fold-out fairy letters, a fairy identification leaflet, a riddle book and a special gold coin to keep from the Tooth Fairy.

How to Trick the Tooth Fairy by Erin Danielle Russell

How to trick the tooth fairy

Kaylee loves pulling pranks: from dropping water balloons on passersby to even tricking Santa Claus, she’s a prize-winning prankster!

Is she the Princess of Pranks? No! That title is held by none other than the Tooth Fairy. But when Kaylee loses a tooth and the Tooth Fairy goes about her usual tooth-taking business, Kaylee pranks her with a fake frog. As Kaylee and the Tooth Fairy try to out-prank one another, things get way out of hand. Will the two finally see eye and eye and share the crown?

How to Trick a Tooth Fairy is perfect for prank-lovers!

Isadora Moon Meets the Tooth Fairy by Harriet Muncaster

Isadora Moon is half vampire, half fairy and totally unique!

In Isadora Moon Meets the Tooth Fairy, Isadora has a wobbly tooth and her mum and dad are more excited about it than she is! Her vampire dad can’t wait to take her to the vampire dentist and have her special little fang framed. Her mum wants Isadora to leave the tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy.

Isadora isn’t sure what to do until one night, she meets a very special, magical mouse called Mignonette. With Mignonette’s help, Isadora will make her own new tradition. A totally unique tradition for the totally unique Isadora!

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Mr Men and the Tooth Fairy

Little Miss Curious is curious about everything. So it will come as no surprise that when she hears about a child’s tooth being taken by the tooth fairy she is very very curious indeed.

And so she sets out to find the answer, finding some very wrong answers along the way, thanks to Mr Muddle and Mr Wrong!

Mr Men and the Tooth Fairy is perfect for young readers.

How to Catch the Tooth Fairy by Adam Wallace

How to catch the Tooth Fairy? It’s not an easy task! You can try to catch her, but she is just too fast! Can you catch the Tooth Fairy in action? Or will she get away? What time does the Tooth Fairy start work? How does she get to your house? These questions and more are answered in this cute look at what makes the Tooth Fairy so hard to capture.

How to Catch the Tooth Fairy is loved by parents and children who enjoy sharing the surprises delivered in this fun and lively book!

Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood

Tooth Fairy

When Matthew loses a tooth, and their mother tells them how the tooth fairy swops teeth for treasure, Jessica decides to make the Tooth Fairy’s visit doubly worthwhile. But will the tooth fairy see through her trick and will Jessica ever lose a real tooth?

Tooth Fairy is a fantastic book for encouraging children to keep their teeth clean enough to warrant a place in the ‘hall of perfect teeth’.

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy by Natasha Wing

tooth fairy books

This illustrated journey through the anxiety that comes with a little one’s first loose tooth is a Tooth Fairy book worth picking up.

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy is a fun picture book to read to or with young children excited to learn more about what happens to loose teeth. Following the pattern of Clement C. Moore’s Twas the Night Before Christmas, hear the tale of a young boy who hopes his tooth will fall out very soon so he can meet the Tooth Fairy. Children will enjoy the familiar cadence as they follow along.

Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO by Tamara Pizzoli

Meet Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO. She’s a successful businesswoman, a well-rounded individual, and a fairy!

Tallulah thinks she knows just about everything about running her company, Tooth Titans Inc. But then one day she comes upon a new challenge – a little boy hasn’t only lost a tooth, he’s really lost it. In that it’s gone and he has nothing to leave under his pillow, which means there’s nothing for Tallulah to take. What’s a fairy to do? Luckily, Tallulah has a great team of advisors who help her solve the problem.

The Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy by Jan Berenstain

Tooth fairy books

When Sister Bear notices that she has a loose tooth, she can’t wait for it to fall out so that the Tooth Fairy will come and leave a quarter under her pillow.

But then Sister finds out that her best friend, Lizzy Bruin, got even more for the last tooth she lost! What is the Tooth Fairy thinking? Mama and Papa give her good advice while Sister waits for the Tooth Fairy’s next visit.

The Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy is another tale in the much-loved, classic series.


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Dave and the Tooth Fairy by Verna Wilkins

Tooth fairy books

Dave has a wobbly tooth. He wibbles and wobbles it, but it won’t come out. But then one day Dave lets out an enormous sneeze and the tooth flies across the room and vanishes. Dave searches high and low, but it’s nowhere to be seen. How will he get the tooth fairy to visit him now?

Dave and the Tooth Fairy is a heartwarming picture book with a unique spin on the tooth fairy tradition.

Tooth Fairy in Training by Michelle Robinson

Tooth fairy books

Tate’s big sister May is taking her out on her very first tooth-collecting mission, and it’s going to be a little… well, dangerous. It will involve trekking through the deep, dark jungle, plunging into the murky ocean, and facing the ice of the Arctic. Because it’s not just sweet, slumbering little children that lose their pearly whites, oh no… All kinds of toothy predators lose their gnashers, too! Can Tate collect missing teeth from crocs, sharks and anacondas… and all without waking up a single creature?

Tooth Fairy in Training is a fast-paced, funny and action-packed adventure story, which introduces two tough brave new fairies (and many a ferocious animal!) to the picture book world.

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof by Selby Beeler

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof

What do you do when you lose a tooth? Do you put it under your pillow and wait for the tooth fairy? Not if you live in Botswana! In Botswana, children throw their teeth onto the roof. In Afghanistan they drop their teeth down mouse holes, and in Egypt they fling their teeth at the sun!

Travel around the world and discover the surprising things children do when they lose a tooth in Throw Your Tooth on the Roof. Selby B. Beeler spent years collecting traditions from every corner of the globe for this whimsical book, and illustrator G. Brian Karas adds to the fun, filling every page with humorous detail. He perfectly captures the excitement and pride that children experience when a tooth falls out!

The Tooth Fairy Meets El Ratón Pérez by Rene Colato Lainez

Tooth fairy books

The Tooth Fairy has some competition. Meet El Ratón Pérez, the charming and adventurous mouse who collects children’s teeth in Spain and Latin America.

When both the Tooth Fairy and El Ratón Pérez arrive to claim Miguelito’s tooth, sparks fly under the Mexican-American boy’s pillow. Who will rightfully claim his tooth?

The Tooth Fairy Meets El Raton Perez is a magical tale introduces a legendary Latino character to a new audience and provides a fresh take on the familiar childhood experience of losing one’s tooth.

Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies

Tooth fairy books

Beware a tooth fairy queen scorned in this, the third chapter book of Academy-Award winner William Joyce’s The Guardians series.

Now that the back story of Nicholas St. North has been told, and the mysteries of E. Aster Bunnymund have been revealed, it’s only fair that our journey continue with one of the most riveting, mysterious heroes of all time: Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies.

Do you want in on a few of her secrets now? Well, she can turn herself into a multitude of selves, all depending on nightly teeth-placed-under-pillows rates. And her diminutive size is not at all indicative of how fierce a warrior she can be. Be forewarned: if you get in between her and a tooth-covering pillow, there’ll be Spell to pay.

Fun Tooth Fairy Books for Your Child's Magical 'Toothy' Milestones - Mykidstime

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