25 Ideas for Yummy Family Desserts

Jill Holtz

March 20, 2019

Family Desserts

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#9. Beetroot Chocolate Cake Recipe

beetroot cake

Looking for a chocolate cake with a difference? Try this Beetroot Chocolate Cake from Wholesome Ireland.

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#10. Custard Tart

custard tart

This isn’t a unique recipe, it’s not exactly a Portuguese Custard Tart. It stemmed from Mam telling me that she loved cold custard, and then I had pastry left over from making the Sausage Rolls the other day, so the custard tart evolved by using the custard from my Trifle Cake recipe.

#11. Summer Berry Tart

summer berry tart

The beauty of this Summer Berry Tart is that not only is it an easy tart recipe but once you have berries in your freezer then it can be made all year around in a short amount of time.

#12. Jam Heart Tarts

valentine cookie recipes jam tart hearts

These Jam Heart Tarts are really easy to do and quick to put together.  It’s amazing how you forget that good old jam is sooo tasty! Ideal for fun cooking with children too.

#13. Emma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


My previous cookie recipe was abandoned last summer when I went to my friend’s wedding in New York and his 14 year old niece gave me this one, now known in our house as Emma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.  It’s infinitely better, like the real sticky cookies you get in the States.

#14. Eve’s Pudding

eves pudding

A lovely recipe for Eves Pudding, this old-fashioned dessert is perfect for this time of year, it doesn’t matter if the plums aren’t ripe they will still work fine here.

#15. Banana, Cherry & White Chocolate Cupcakes

banana cherry white chocolate cupcakes

These Banana, Cherry & White Chocolate cupcakes are not smothered with frosting, so they’re less messy to eat than a traditional cupcake. Plus they don’t have too much sugar in them, relying on the bananas for sweetness instead.

#16. Country Apple Cake

deirdre madden's country apple cake

Went old-school for dessert this Sunday and opened my ancient edition of Deirdre Maddens All About Home Economics, which was my school book for Leaving Cert Home Economics back in the day! This Country Apple Cake is a delicious dessert.


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