14 Ideas for Valentines Day That Won’t Cost a Penny


As parents we often focus so much on our kids that we neglect our relationships a bit with our significant other. Valentines Day, while obviously commercial, is a nice opportunity to remind your other half why they are special. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on gifts, here are 14 Ideas for Valentines Day That Won’t Cost a Penny:

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#1. Write little love notes

Put a note in their jacket pocket, lunchbox or by their toiletries to tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

#2. Make breakfast with a love twist

heart pancakes

Make some heart shaped healthy pancakes for a delicious breakfast option or make heart egg toast by using a cookie cutter to cut out a heart shape in a piece of bread and then cracking an egg into the heart and frying gently.

valentine toast

Or if you don’t have time for the full blown fancy breakfast, bring your other half a cup of coffee or tea in bed before the day gets busy.

#3. Make a photo booth strip

Isn’t this such a cool idea? Make a photo booth style strip from 4 pics. You’ll get instructions from Catholicsprouts.com over here.

Image courtesy of Catholicsprouts.com

#4. Watch a romantic movie together

before sunrise

You could choose a classic like Titanic or Gone with the Wind, but one of my favourite romantic films is Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, it’s fun and sweet and ideal for watching with your other half.

#5. Make a playlist of favourite songs

The modern equivalent of mix tapes! Create a special playlist of either their favourite songs or favourites that marked milestones in your relationship. Or just browse Spotify or Pandora for their suggested Valentines Tunes.

#6. Homemade Valentine Card

homemade valentines day card

Save money and be sweet making a home made card, more likely to be cherished than a shop bought one.

#7. Post a Post-it

Cover you other half’s mirrors with Post-it notes in a heart shape listing all the things you love about them.

#8. Print some Love Coupons

Hey let’s not forget about the kids. I love these free printable love coupons from Catchmyparty perfect for popping under their cereal bowl or in their lunchbox.

Image credit Catchmyparty

#9. Have some outdoor time together

ideas for valentines day

Go for a long walk on the beach or in the forest or make a picnic lunch to enjoy on a bench in the park together – a rug to sit on and hot soup/tea/chocolate in a flask are good to take if the weather is a bit chilly.

Good one for together time and also to get away from the kids (and technology) for a bit!

#10. Give a foot massage

Grab a towel, some warm water in a tub, some moisturiser or massage oil and treat your partner to a foot massage. Soak their feet then dry off and massage the moisturiser/massage oil gently while they lie back and relax!

#11. I Love You Because

Make and print a little “I Love You Because…” picture and pop it into a picture frame. You can use a dry erase marker to fill in the blank and change it every week, to keep the warm fuzzy feeling going past Valentine’s Day!

#12. Have dinner by candlelight

candlelight dinner

Candles definitely make things more romantic. Have dinner by candlelight for a change. Or use tealights around the living room and switch off the lights for a cosy, intimate snuggle.

#13. Go stargazing

Tuck the kids in bed and step out in the back garden for some star gazing. If you are not familiar with constellations or planets, download a free app like Sky Map for Android or iOS to help you find some amazing stars.

#14. Make a book of vouchers

Last but not least, make a little book of vouchers with treats like “Back massage” or “Your choice of tv for the night” for a nice touch.

Over to you now. Do you have any more suggestions for ideas for valentines day that don’t cost anything? Share them with us in the comments below.

Ideas for Valentines Day

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