14 Ideas for Valentine’s Day That Won’t Cost a Penny

Jill Holtz

February 13, 2021

Ideas for Valentines Day

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As parents we often focus so much on our kids that we neglect our relationships a bit with our significant other. Valentine’s Day, while obviously commercial, is a nice opportunity to remind your other half why they are special. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on gifts, here are 14 ideas for Valentines Day that won’t cost a penny:

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For many, Valentine’s Day is chocolate and flowers – but spending time together is the best bit. That doesn’t have to mean a night out to a fancy restaurant, it should be something that you both feel comfortable with – and, often, challenging yourself to spend little (or even nothing) can push you both to be as creative as possible!

These fun ideas for Valentines Day are all FREE – what else would you add to our list?

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Get Loved Up with These Valentines Day Ideas

#1. Write little love notes

Put a note in their jacket pocket, bag or by their toiletries to tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

#2. Make breakfast with a ‘love’ twist

heart pancakes

Make some heart shaped healthy pancakes for a delicious breakfast option, or how about some heart egg toast? Use a cookie cutter to cut out a heart shape in a piece of bread, then crack an egg into the heart and fry gently.

If you don’t have time for a full blown Valentine’s breakfast, bring your other half a cup of coffee or tea in bed before the day gets busy – even simple, thoughtful acts can show your love.

#3. Make a photo booth strip

ideas for Valentines Day

Image: Catholic Sprouts

Isn’t this such a cool idea?

A photo booth-style strip is a fun memento – just like when you were kids! You can make your own DIY photo strip from 4 of your favourite photos together.

#4. Make a playlist of favourite songs

The modern equivalent of mix tapes! Create a special playlist of either their favourite songs or favourites that marked milestones in your relationship. Or just browse Spotify for some suggested Valentines tunes.

#5. Watch a movie together

before sunrise

You could choose a romantic classic like The Notebook or Gone with the Wind, but one of my favourite romantic films is Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy – it’s fun and sweet and ideal for watching with your other half.

Really, the movie itself doesn’t have to be romantic though – especially if that’s not the type of genre that appeals to either/both of you. Something funny is just as good because it gets you giggling together!

#6. Make a Homemade Valentine Card

homemade valentines day card

You don’t need a shop-bought card to say how you feel. Save money and get creative by making a homemade card. It’s more likely to be cherished than anything you could buy in a shop.

#7. Post a Post-it!

Cover you other half’s mirrors with Post-it notes in a heart shape listing all the things you love about them.

#8. Print some Love Coupons for Kids

love coupons

Image: Catch My Party

Hey let’s not forget about the kids. I love these free printable love coupons from Catch My Party perfect for popping under their cereal bowl or in their lunchbox.

The coupons include:

  • No chores for the day
  • Family trip for ice cream
  • Stay up for 30 mins past your bedtime
  • Game night – you pick the game
  • 30 minutes extra on computer or phone time

#9. Have some outdoor time together

Go for a long walk on the beach or in the forest or make a picnic lunch to enjoy on a bench in the park together. A rug to sit on and hot soup/tea/chocolate in a flask are good to take if the weather is a bit chilly.

Good one for together time and also to get away from the kids (and technology) for a bit!

#10. Give a foot massage

Grab a towel, some warm water in a tub, some moisturiser or massage oil and treat your partner to a foot massage. Soak their feet then dry off and massage the moisturiser/massage oil gently while they lie back and relax!

#11. I Love You Because…

Make and print a little “I Love You Because…” picture and pop it into a picture frame. You can use a dry erase marker to fill in the blank and change it every week, to keep the warm fuzzy feeling going past Valentine’s Day!

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#12. Have dinner by candlelight

Candles definitely make things more romantic. Have dinner by candlelight for a change. Or use tea lights around the living room and switch off the lights for a cosy, intimate snuggle.

#13. Go stargazing

Tuck the kids in bed and step out in the back garden for some stargazing. If you are not familiar with constellations or planets, download a free app like Sky Map for Android or iOS to help you find some amazing stars.

#14. Make a book of vouchers

Last but not least, make a little book of vouchers with treats like “Back massage” or “Your choice of tv for the night” for a nice touch.

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14 Ideas for Valentines Day That Won't Cost a Penny - Mykidstime

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