20 Changes in Us When You and Me become Mommy & Daddy

Jennifer Buttner


April 16, 2015

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Raising kids is full of surprises. There are huge changes and surprises that occur in your life, especially as a couple, when you become parents. Here, Sandra from A Modern Mommy’s World, tells us no matter how many parenting books you read, nothing will prepare for you for life as parent, or the changes that occur in Us when You and Me become Mommy and Daddy.

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If you thought that having a baby would fit neatly into your existing life, you were wrong. They need your undivided attention and round the clock care. When babies come along consider your world officially changed, including your relationship!

Of course not all these changes are bad, in fact some add lots of new fun elements to your relationship.

1. You have forgotten your partner’s name and he has forgotten yours, you are not only called Mommy and Daddy by your kids but by your partner too. Consider your new name Mommy.

2. Most of the action your bed now sees is your kids using it as a bouncy castle while you tidy upstairs.

3. Sunday morning lie ins together are now replaced by early Sunday morning tent making in mommy and daddy’s bed.

4. It is now perfectly acceptable and normal to talk about poo.

5. Your yearly mad city breaks to Amsterdam are now replaced by trips to the Zoo and an overnight stay with the four of you crammed into a small hotel room.

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messybaby6. Dining out has become a whole new experience. That nice relaxing meal over a bottle of wine you used to share is now a game of speed eating.

Prepare to deal with 20 trips to the bathroom with your potty training toddler, little sticky ketchup hands, crayon-throwing and the guilt of ruining your fellow diners meal.

7. If you do manage date-night with your partner, you will spend the whole evening talking and worrying about the kids.

8. Conversations generally take double the time. You either find yourself repeating every sentence due to noise level of the screaming kids, or you spend half the time trying to figure out the word your other half just spelled out, in a bid to obscure your conversation from the kids.

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9. Your holiday requirements change. You no longer require a nice hotel with a sea view in the center of a chic resort packed with beautiful restaurants and hip bars.

You now require a two bedroomed ground floor apartment with a little lawned area, it must have a kitchen stocked with every conceivable gadget to allow you prepare food for your weaning toddler. Say goodbye to fancy hotels and hello to family packed campsites.

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10. Bribery is not only a tool used with the kids. Bribing your other half is now a completely acceptable way to gain those much needed lie ins.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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