Hot Toys for Christmas 2019 – Top Predictions

Jill Holtz

July 16, 2019

hot toys for Christmas 2019

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Word has it that Santa and his helpers are starting to get things ready up North which means before you know it, your little one will be writing their letter. Many of the large toy retailers have already released their lists of expected popular toys. So here are the top predictions for Hot Toys for Christmas 2019 – the ‘Must Have’ list of toys that children will be desperate to get their hands on this Christmas!

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Don’t wait until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping! As the season approaches it becomes increasingly difficult to find the toy you are after.

This list will give you a heads-up on the hot toys for Christmas 2019, that are sure to be on every child’s list this year, and help you avoid the disappointment of finding it ‘sold out’ by leaving it too late.

We have put links to Amazon for most of these, if you buy through our links, we get a small commission.

Hot Toys for Christmas 2019

Arckit 90 Architectural Model Kit

If you have a budding young architect or engineer in the house then this 230 piece Arckit model is the perfect Christmas gift. The kit offers everything you need to design and build your own impressive  structure and includes adhesive sheets to add realistic building finishes. It is a freeform design tool that can be moved and changed to create a host of different combinations and structures.

Buy it on

Invent Your Own Board Game

Invent board game from schoolbooks hot toys for Christmas

We think this is going to be a big hit this Christmas. Get back to basics and get your imagination going by using over 220+ pieces, including cool game components such as a game board, sand timer, spinner, die, markers, stencils and stickers to create a new family game night classic unique to your family.

Buy it on

Boppi ‘The Booty Shakin’ Llama

Who knew a twerking llama would be a hot toy?! Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama dances to three different songs and moves its head around. This cute toy will get the whole family up dancing and laughing.

Suitable for ages 3 up.

Buy it on Amazon

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Owleez Interactive Flying Owl


Owleez are definitely on the 2019 hot toys list! This owl pet is not only interactive, but you can actually teach it to fly. It comes in two colours, each set has the owl, a nest for nap time and charging, and some berries to feed it.

The Owleez will respond to your touch and will tell you if they are happy, sad, hungry and more using its large expressive eyes. And if you love them and look after them, they’ll even fly for you!

Recommended for ages 3 up.

Buy it on Amazon

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LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus

harry potter knight bus

There’s always LEGO on our top Christmas toys list, and this year’s hot LEGO set is the Harry Potter Knight Bus. Build the three-level LEGO Knight Bus toy with hinged opening side panel, removable roof and a movable sliding bed and swinging chandelier. Includes the cheeky shrunken head and Harry Potter’s chest containing a wand, letter, chocolate bar and a potion bottle.

The set includes three LEGO Harry Potter minifigures: Harry Potter, Stan Shunpike and Ernie Prang. Stan Shunpike is issuing tickets and Ernie Prang still hasn’t mastered his steering skills, it is going to be a bumpy ride! The knight bus measures over 6in (16cm) high, 6in (16cm) long and 2in (6cm) wide.

Recommended for 8+.

Buy it on Amazon

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7” Real Walking Buzz Lightyear

walking buzz lightyear

With Toy Story 4 out this year, it’s no surprise that Buzz Lightyear continues to be popular. Kids will love his animated effects as he walks forward and back and speaks lines like “Buzz Lightyear to the rescue” and “We’re on a mission to find our friends”.

Press the button under Buzz’s arm to switch him ON with sound effects. Press the big red button on his left side to deploy his wings and hear him say a series of phrases as he moves forward and sometimes backward, and swivels his hips in true character style.

Other authentic sounds include a big jet, wing deployment and three blasters. Unlock the surprise to make Buzz do extra special steps from the movie.

Suitable for 3+.

Buy it on Amazon

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Kindi Kids Toddler Doll – Marsha Mello

kindi kids marsha mello

If you haven’t yet come across Kindi Kids, this is a range of Preschoolers dolls, full of fun and play who go to Rainbow Kindi.

Marsha Mello is a little softy who’s as sweet as candy. She comes to life when you pick her up, with big glittery eyes, her head bobbles. She moves and takes bites out of her Cakepop. Squeeze her Babycino and make the marshmallows move up the straw.
Marsha also comes with changeable clothes and removable shoes. There’s also Peppa-Mint, Jessicake and Donatina to collect.

Recommended for ages 3-6.

Buy the Kindi Dolls range on Amazon

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Supersonic Jet

paw patrol supersonic jet command centre

The PAW Patrol Super PAWs Mighty Jet Command Centre is a 2-in-1 team vehicle that transforms from a jet into a mobile command centre for the PAW Patrol! On land, lift the handle on the jet to switch into mobile command headquarters.

With room for all of the Mighty Pups (figures sold separately) and one Deluxe Mighty Vehicle (sold separately), the pups can get ready for adventures inside. When it’s time for a rescue mission, pop the included exclusive Mighty Ryder figure into the cockpit, and load the disc launcher.

Age 3+

Fisher Price Imaginext Transforming Batmobile

transforming batmobile

When Super-Villains start wreaking havoc on the streets of Gotham city, Batman races into action in his Batmobile. Kids can use the remote control to send the vehicle zooming forward, backward and spinning around, then turn the Power Pad to watch the vehicle transform into battle mode with awesome lights, sound effects, and projectiles.

Recommended for ages 3-8.

Buy it on Amazon

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Fortnite Battle Bus

fortnite battle bus

All aboard! Take your Fortnite squad to new heights with the battle bus which also turns into a neat display and storage for your figurine collection. When the battle bus is cruising, you never know who’s dropping next!

The battle bus was designed for the true Fortnite fan, packed with authentic details. It’s the most iconic vehicle in Fortnite, and comes equipped with its own hot air balloon. The battle bus stands over 13 inches tall. Pegs allow you to display 2″ figures on top of the bus. Comes with exclusive funk Ops and Burnout 2″ figures. Funk Ops includes a Deluxe stand, victory umbrella, and mini loot llama, the inside of the battle bus is a storage case with room for more than 15 battle Royale collection figures.

Suitable for 8+.

Buy it on Amazon

Peppa Pig Playset

Peppa Pig Stage Playset

Create your own Peppa Pig stories with Peppa’s Stage Playset. This interactive playset includes props, Peppa and George figures, as well as theatre seating. There’s a stage sound box with loads of different sound effects, and 3 double sided scene cards. You can even slide in a tablet for an instant cinema experience. It also includes a storage compartment to keep all the accessories in.

Recommended for ages 3 up.

LOL Surprise 2-in-1 Glamper

The LOL Surprise 2-in-1 Glamper is a camper on wheels where you can load up your favourite dolls and they can head off for an adventure. Of course with everything LOL Surprise, you’ll be wondering what surprises are in store for your child. Apparently inside they’ll find over 50 surprises for them to unbox.

Some of the surprises are said to be stickers to decorate the camper, accessories for the dolls and the glamper itself, secret hidden messages to uncover and so much more. There’s also all sorts of play areas within the camper and it comes with workable lights inside and outside as well as different sounds.

Due out August 2019.

Blume Dolls

Blume Dolls come in a flower pot and when you water them they start to sprout and grow. It’s a surprise as to which Blume Doll you’ll get and there are over 20 different dolls to collect. Their hair is made of soft foam that can be taken off and put on other dolls.

You can also decorate their flower pot with special stickers and accessories that come with it then use it as a play-set.

Recommended for 3+.

Buy it on Amazon

Disney’s Lion King Mighty Roar Simba

disney mighty roar simba

Disney’s Lion King Mighty Roar Simba by furReal is a plush toy that says phrases from the film, challenges you to roaring contests and responds to touch and sound with 100+ Sound-and-Motion Combinations. He can move his head, eyes, ears, mouth, legs and tail.

You can also feed him his favourite treat, a grub on a stick, and of course he will say “Slimy, yet satisfying”.

Ages 4+

Buy it on Amazon. There’s also Cubby The Curious Bear who is looking to be very popular this year.

The Official Baby Shark Play-Doh Set

play doh baby shark

Baby Shark (Doo doo doo) fan in the house? The internet’s catchiest song just became a Play-Doh playset! The 21 Play-Doh tools included with this Baby Shark toy set lets kids create their own mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa, and of course baby sharks!

The set includes 12 Play-Doh cans, plenty for kids to share and let their imagination “swim free”. Use the PLAY-DOH cutters to make shark bodies and mouths in different sizes, then stamp eyes for them with the six-sided stamper.

Suitable for ages 3+

Buy it on Amazon

Coding Critters: Ranger & Zip

coding critters

These playful puppy pets bring early STEM concepts to preschool learning through 100% screen-free coding. Kids code along with their new pets’ storybook adventure, and help the brave Ranger and mischievous Zip have a playtime they’ll never forget. Each storybook coding challenge unfolds in the Coding Critters’ fun pet playset – can you code Ranger to play hide and seek, fetch a ball from the tennis ball launcher, or catch Zip after a ride down the slide?

In addition to following along with the storybook’s coding challenges, you can also use the pet playset to design your own code games and more. The Coding Critters also double as cute interactive pets – press Ranger’s nose to activate Play Mode, where you can feed, pet, and take care of your new puppy robot pal. You can even make him dance and sing a silly song.

Ages 4-8

Buy it on Amazon

Nerf Fortnite SP-L Blaster

fortnite nerf blaster

For the Fortnite Nerf fans, this toy is the dream Christmas present. Play Fortnite in real life with this Nerf Elite blaster that has a detachable barrel to customise for different ways to play. Attach the barrel for distance targeting; remove the barrel when you need a more compact look for smaller play areas or when you need to move Fast And stay mobile.

The Fortnite sp-l blaster has an internal clip with a 3-dart capacity, so you can load 3 darts in a row before it’s time to reload. Insert 3 darts, Prime, and pull the trigger to fire. It comes with 6 official Nerf darts that are designed for distance, tested and approved for performance and quality, and constructed of foam with flexible, hollow tips.

Recommended for ages 8 up.

Buy it on Amazon

Don’t Step In It Game, Unicorn Edition

don't step in it unicorn edition

The Unicorn version of the popular Don’t Step in It game has come out! Wearing a blindfold you have to try to make it across the special mat without stepping in the colourful unicorn poop.

Kids will love to play this active game with their parents and grandparents, and watch them dodge (or step in!) the piles of poop.

Buy it on Amazon

Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal

fingerlings light up narwhal

The latest Fingerlings are these adorable narwhals! These cute unicorns of the sea have many ways to play. Have your Narwhal surf air waves with the new magic motion sensors. These narwhals have a special mood horn that will light up different colours in reaction to interaction.

When you pet them, Narwhals will flap their tails and blink their eyes to tell you how they’re feeling. The narwhals will also give you magical kisses that get bigger and louder the longer you press their faces to your cheek.

Suitable for 5+

Buy it on Amazon

Dare to Dream – Irish People Who Took On The World And Won

dare to dream hot toys for Christmas

This inspirational book tells the stories of some of Ireland’s most daring men and women and will make a great stocking filler for all ages. From Michael Collins to Tom Crean and Rosie Hackett to Lady Gregory, be inspired by their stories.

Buy it on

Over to you now. Are any of these hot toys for Christmas 2019 on your child’s wish list? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Hot Toys For Christmas 2019

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