6 Good Tips To Keep Your Child Safe Going Back To School


August 26, 2016

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Whether your child is going to school for the first time, changing school, or just returning after the holidays, we as parents will worry about them. However, there are some simple things you can do to help keep them safe, and give you peace of mind. Check out our 6 Good Tips To Keep Your Child Safe Going Back to School this year. 

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#1. Be Seen

Back to School Be Safe Be Seen

When choosing school bags, jackets and even school footwear for your child, ensure they have a reflective strip so that even on darker mornings and evenings, your child can still be seen.

If they walk to school make sure they wear a high-vis outer jacket and always insist on a helmet if they cycle or scoot.

#2. Insure Your Child

Back to School Pupil Insurance

Slips, tumbles, trips and falls happen in the school yard, sports field and at home. Thankfully most are harmless but, you could find yourself with a hefty medical or dental bill resulting from an accident.

Check if your school offers Pupil Personal Accident Insurance. It is usually inexpensive and some policies cover your child 24 hours a day.

#3. Safe Cross Code

Back to School Road Crossing

Whether your child walks to school from home or you park and stride, make sure they know the safe cross code for safely getting to school. And if they don’t know it, teach them.

This also applies to the school yard – if your child has to cross traffic to get to your car/bus, then make sure they follow the safest designated route. Do a walk through with your child until you are satisfied that they know how to do this correctly.

#4. Keep Dogs on a Lead

Back to School Dogs

If your family has a dog and you use pick-up and drop-offs for school, as your time to walk the dog, then always ensure they are on a lead when passing schools. Some children love dogs but others are not so keen and see no danger around them, except for the dog, which could lead to a child running into the path of an oncoming car.

If your child is very frightened of dogs, it can be helpful to try and introduce them to a friend’s dog that you know is gentle, or indeed, get a dog of your own to try and overcome that fear.

Conversely, if your child loves dogs, make sure they get permission before petting strange dogs on the school run.

#5. Have a Safe Password

keep kids safe

Try as you might to be on time to pick up your children from school, sometimes you get delayed and will need to ask another parent to help out by collecting our child.

Before your child goes back to school, it’s a good idea to create a safe password which only you and they know. If you have to ask another person to pick up your child, give them the password and make sure your child asks for it before going home with them.

#6. Update Your Contact Details

Back to school contact details

Schools keep a record of your numbers, email and postal address. If any of these change, remember to notify the school immediately. That way if they need to contact you about your child, they can reach you quickly.

Teach your child your mobile number too, and ensure you have the number of the school in your contacts list for days when you may be running late.

Do you have any handy tips for keeping your child safe when they go back to school? Please share them with us in the comments box below. 

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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