Parents Share The Truth About Kids Going Back To School

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We asked parents to share what they really felt about the kids going back to school. Some are dreading it, others can’t wait and many are wondering why long summer holidays exist! Discover what we really think when parents share the truth about kids going back to school, in association with Marks & Spencer Ireland.

#1. Bonding

“I have already had 2 weeks of so called bonding with my kids as the long summer holidays have started. This loosely translates to me being at their beck and call to drop, pick up, feed, shop and entertain them and their friends. I am a taxi, cash point, cook, cleaner, and entertainment expert! With 5 more weeks to go I am already looking forward to the kids going back to school.” – Fionnuala


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#2. Routine

“I love having time with the kids, but I struggle without the routine that school brings. Being self employed, I have to try and balance work & home life and I find the school holidays difficult as I have no natural stop time, so often end up extending my working day late into the evening.” – Michelle

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#3. Child Care

“I work full-time and had arranged child care for the summer holidays. 3 days before the kids broke up, the girl I had booked, texted to say she had decided to go to Italy for the summer instead! I had to bribe my eldest to look after my youngest for the 1st week until I could get alternative cover. I think the whole family are already looking forward to getting back to school!” – Maeve

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#4. School Uniforms

“School uniforms are the best thing about going back to school. No arguments, no mounds of laundry, no hours deciding what to wear, changing outfits multiple times and then wearing the first thing they tried on!” – Anna

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#5. School Lunches

“The best part about having the kids off school is not having to make school lunches. I am already dreading them going back to school and having to prepare the same lunch day in day out! And the worst part is that they often come home uneaten!” – Kate

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#6. Sleep (or lack of it!)

“Our sleep patterns are so out of kilter during the holidays that it takes up to 2 weeks to get back into a good sleep routine when the kids go back to school. For years I used to try to wean them back into a good sleep routine in the final weeks of the school holidays but now we just go cold turkey and everyone is cranky for the first few days, but we get over it.” – Paula

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#7. Juggling

“Juggling, that is what springs to mind when you mention the kids going back to school to me. Life is a constant juggling act, kids, school runs, breakfasts, packed lunches, dinners, after school activities, homework, partner, job, housework, catching up with friends & family and everything else in between! I wonder how the kids would feel about being home schooled.” – Miriam

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#8. Nits!

“I can guarantee that my kids will only be back at school a wet week and the messages will start to arrive about checking their hair. The brushing, combing, treating and repeating treadmill of nits!” – Gretta

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#9. Family Time

“The summer for me is all about family time. I am not looking forward to the kids going back to school. I have the summer off and love the lack of routine, picnics on the beach, road trips, having friends over, late nights and lie in’s.” – Carol

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#10. Coffee, Catch Ups & Me Time

“I can’t wait for the kids to go back to school, there I said it and I am sure lots of you are thinking it! I work part-time so have mornings where I meet friends for coffee or go to an exercise class or have some me time. These mostly stop until the kids go back to school as I never know from day to day where we will be or what we will be doing.” – Karen

#11. Playdates & Parties

“As soon as the kids go back to school the routine of party invitations and playdates starts up. Don’t get me wrong, my kids love to receive invites, please just not 3 parties on Saturday and 2 playdates on Sunday!” – Joanne

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Over to you now. What do you dread or love about the kids going back to school? Please share your truths in the comments box below. 

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