Be Ready for Back To School with this Handy Free Checklist


As soon as the school summer holidays start, it’s often too easy to forget all about school, uniforms, books etc. But it pays to be somewhat organised – less stress as return to school looms, and a chance to nab early bird offers. This year, be ready for back to school with this handy free checklist, and ensure going back to school is stress-free, and a whole lot easier for everyone! 

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Back to School Checklist

3 months before

  • Fill out any school forms to send back in
  • Make sure you have book list for next year
  • Sort through clothes and see what can be reused and what you’ll need to buy
  • Sort through sports kit to see what can be reused and what you’ll need to buy
  • Check schoolbags, pencil case and equipment e.g. rulers, setsquares etc and see what can be reused and what you’ll need to buy for the new school year
  • Check lunchbags/lunchboxes to see what you can reuse and what you’ll need to
    buy for new school year
  • Organise school bus transport

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2 Months Before

  • Use any early bird offers to buy things that they won’t grow out of
  • Look for offers on Schoolbooks and stationery
  • Buy School bag & Sports Kit bag

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1 month before

  • Buy school shoes
  • Arrange any car pooling with other parent(s)
  • Cover books if doing yourself
  • Confirm after school activity schedule and book places

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1 week before

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The night before

  • Select and lay out clothes
  • Check bag to ensure everything in
  • Prepare lunches
  • Talk about any arrangements such as carpool, bus or pick up locations
  • Make sure camera/phone charged for first day photos
  • Set alarm clocks
  • Early bedtime – here’s 5 sleep routine tips for back to school!

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Over to you! Let us know any additional tips in comments below.


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