Fun Family Christmas Games You Will All Enjoy

Sharon Tighe

September 1, 2015

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Christmas-time! All the family is around & it’s a great time to get everyone involved in some fun family games! At Mykidstime, we love team games where everyone can join in, no matter what their ability. Here’s our pick of Fun Family Christmas Games You Will All Enjoy, perfect for some quality family time over the holidays.

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1. Disney Frozen Olaf’s Frustration Game

Christmas games frozen 2014There’s no escaping Disney’s Frozen again this year & who would really want to? Travel around Arendelle as your favourite Frozen character to rescue Olaf in this fun family game for ages 5+.

Cost £14.95;; Smyths Irl €19.99 /UK £14.99; Argos Irl €19.99 , Argos UK £14.95;

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2. Gibsons Pass the Pud Family Game

Christmas games frozen 2014Highly recommended for festive fun, players must think on their feet by answering quick fire questions and avoid getting caught with the pudding!!

You set the timer, give an answer and then pass to the next person before the ‘Pud’ goes off! It plays a sleigh-bell sound so you know when your time has run out.

Cost £14.97;;

3. Ice Cubed

Ice cubedA 3D family game using maths skills!! To solve each puzzle, the numbers on the outer face of each side of the ice cubes must vertically add up to the totals shown at the foot of each of the four sides of the tower… all at the same time!


The Happy Puzzle Company £14.99; £14.99;

4. Christmas-Opoly

Christmas games frozen 2014An enjoyable board game filled with all the things that make Christmas the best!

Making your way around the board you buy things like Christmas Cookies, Sleigh Rides, or Mistletoe. You better be good or you might end up in the Naughty spot or get a Scrooge Fine!

Cost £19.39; $24.99;

5. You Cannae Push Yer Granny Off The Bus Board Game

Christmas Games grannyOops! Granny might not like this game but the kids will love it! A suitably silly board game where players fend off whirling handbags and an attack of mint humbugs! (Better let Granny win though!)

Cost £13.99; John Lewis £14.99;

6. Shiver

136300Shiver Board Game is an electronic skillful shivering action game. Steady as you go, as you never know how long the Penguin will Shiver.

Be the last player to remove and stack an ‘ice block’ without knocking the Penguin’s shivering tower of ice over. The Shiver Board game will give you all hours of fun.

Cost £20.00; Smyths Irl €12.99 /UK £9.99;

7. Santa’s Rooftop Scramble Game

santa Christmas games frozen 2014Children of all ages will love this game! You’re Santa and you need to make sure that all the presents get delivered on time!!

Easy to follow rules means even the youngest players can play with the older ones. The first player to deliver all their presents is the winner. Sure to be a family favourite year after year!

Cost £23.99;;

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8. Perilous Penguins

penguins santa Christmas games frozen 2014

Super fun for all!! Can you get all the penguins to balance on the iceberg without anyone falling off? Steady hands and careful planning are needed to balance your penguins on the slippery iceberg.

A simple game for the whole family that really is great fun and a superb hand/eye co-ordination challenge.


The Happy Puzzle Company £14.99; £14.99;

Over to you! Let us know your family favourite Christmas games in comments below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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