10 Good Tips To Keep Your Child Healthy This School Year

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When the calm summer days are over and the cold days of autumn and winter are near, kids can start to feel the stress and pressure of their school year. Seeing our kids healthy is a priority. Although we cannot control everything, we can work on keeping them as healthy as possible during this time of the year. Here are 10 Good Tips To Keep Your Child Healthy This School Year, both mentally and physically.

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#1. Give Them The Right Food

Mood swings can lead to frustration, imbalance and a lack of concentration. Often, these moods can be avoided by simply cutting out sugar. Instead of keeping your kids on a sugar roller coaster, give them foods high in protein, whole grains and foods with natural sugar, such as chicken, eggs, oatmeal and fruit.

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Start the day right with a healthy breakfast even if this means getting up 20 mins earlier in the morning. And make sure their lunchbox is filled with healthy, nourishing food. too.

#2. Boost their Immune System

More than just to help them focus, use food to boost your kids’ immune system. Foods rich in Omega-3 and fruit high in vitamin C; raw vegetables and legumes like barley are all power foods that will help to keep them from getting sick every other week.

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#3. Don’t Overload Their Schedule

Piano, ballet, crafts class and football are all opportunities for your kids to acquire new skills but it’s important not to overload their schedule. At the end of the day, a kid needs to enjoy some free time, which brings us to the next point…

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#4. Let Them Get Bored

It’s perfectly fine for your kids to get bored. In fact, experts encourage unstructured time for kids because it teaches them to come up with creative ways to pass the time. Boredom gives children a chance to develop their imagination, to think and to daydream.

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#5. Invest In Active Toys

When they spend hours sitting down at school and more hours playing video games at home, inactive children can gain weight, they can feel more frustrated, nervous and stressed. Investing in active toys that encourage them to move, such as a small trampoline, the hula hoop or a jump rope, will help your kids unwind and move in a fun way.

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#6. Limit Gadget Time

It can prove impossible to forbid them from using gadgets but you can set time limits, so that they don’t spend hours glued to a screen. Despite how entertaining and educational apps and games can be for children, too much screen time can lead to anxiety, problems with sleep and weight problems.

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#7. Keep their Hands Busy

Sometimes, problems with math or a bullying issue can stop them from thinking of anything else. Keeping their hands busy, through crafts or by helping you with easy chores, is a helpful way to keep their mind off of the serious issues for a little while. Thus giving them a mental break.

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#8. Playdates Are a Must!

Whether it’s siblings playing outside or two friends meeting in a park, playing and interacting in the real world, more than interacting through social media, is a must for many reasons.

Playing outside in nature will give your child a much needed mental break. Moreover, it’s a good way of meeting peers and having a laugh or venting out their insecurities, so that they will feel reassured that they have a support system outside of the family.


#9. Strike a Balance Between Work & Play

We all want our kids to excel academically but giving priority to play, where our kids can rest, is essential to see them grow happy, healthy and enjoying their childhood.

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#10. Get Them To Sleep

Sleep can cure everything — mood swings, a headache and even help them forget an embarrassing memory that happened at school. Your kids will be more focused, happy and less likely to get sick when they get enough hours of sleep. And if you’re unsure how many hours of sleep they should be having each night, here’s how much sleep your kids should be having for their age.

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Over to you! Have you any other tips for keeping your child healthy once they go back to school? Let us know in the comments below.

10 Good Tips To Keep Your Child Healthy This School Year