11 Creative Ways to Organise and Display Your Child’s Artwork

Kellie Kearney

June 19, 2018

Display your child's artwork

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Are you inundated with all the artwork your child creates or brings home from school? It can often feel like the wave of drawing, painting and even scribbles just keeps coming…so what do you do with it all? Well, take a look at these 11 creative ways to organise and display your child’s artwork that will give those masterpieces the recognition they deserve! 

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The key to finding a way to display your child’s artwork in an artful manner (read: a way that doesn’t take over the house) is preparation. Take inspiration from the ideas below and let us know in the comments how you manage to keep the art under control.

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Tips to Display Your Child’s Artwork

A Mini Grid

artwork grid from Remodelista for Display your child's artwork

Make it a family project to build a collage. Take photos of your kids’ creations, and create a grid like this fantastic idea we found on Remodelista – while this one is a custom print using 112 pieces of her child’s artwork, you could use on an online printing service to create your own. This would be a great idea to collect and display your child’s artwork from the whole school year!

Use Them As Living Room Decor

framed art from Nina van de Goor for Display your child's artwork

Liven up your living room walls with your favourite little artist’s work, like this wall from Nina van de Goor. Mix together paintings, special notes and family photographs in frames of different sizes and styles – the result is a real family feel for your living space.

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Clipboard Art Display

Clipboard art display from Organizing lady for Display your child's artwork

Group together a load of clipboards as an art display area on the wall where they can be seen and admired. Not only is it a creative way to display colourful artwork, but it makes changing them super quick too. This dedicated wall from Organizing Lady is fantastic!

Put Up Some Shelves

Art on shelves from ana white for Display your child's artwork

Display your child’s artwork at eye level by using skinny wall ledges like these ones by Ana White, author of The Handbuilt Home. If DIY isn’t your thing, you could use IKEA spice racks, which are also great for displaying kid’s picture books.

Hang it Up

Art on a hanger from for Display your child's artwork

Why not use hangers to display your child’s artwork? It’s such a simple and clever way to decorate the walls – plus, easy to change them when the time comes. The Honest Company shows how a few wooden hangers, painted in fun colours, can really transform a display wall.

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Create a Coffee Table Book

Coffee table art book from Paislee Press for Display your child's artwork

This is one we love! Create a book of art and show off your little one’s creations throughout the years. Take photos of all the artwork (as well as handwritten notes, school work, important mementoes, etc) and use an online photo service like this one from Paislee Press to create your book. It will be the most beautiful gift to give them when they are older.

Matching Frames

art grid from Laura Winslow for Display your child's artwork

Create a grid-like layout like this one from Laura Winslow Photography to give some order to your kid’s crazy creativity. This streamlined wall art display is a great idea!

Stick it With Washi

washi tape frames from creative with mom for Display your child's artwork

Have you discovered the joy that is Washi tape? It’s amazing! With lots of colours and patterns to choose from, this idea for nail-free framing can even coordinate with your pictures. Create With Mom used this idea to add lots of colour and personal style.

Personalise It

Pinboard frames from for Display your child's artwork

Hang some cork pinboards behind the family kitchen table to proudly display the art. If you have more than one child, you could personalise each frame with wooden letters, like this version from Simply Organized, so that guests know which masterpieces belong to which great artist.

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Make A Collage

Giant art collage from for Display your child's artwork

What about a massive collage on a large wall in your home like this one we found on Beaulifestyle? Although you may need to make an agreement to dispose of some pieces when it starts to fill up.

String ‘Em Up

Art on string from Random Supermom for Display your child's artwork

Keep it simple with a bit of string and some pegs! Random Thoughts of a Supermom added some vinyl lettering to create a whole art display space.

And if none of these ideas suit you, or you really feel the need to have a full clear-out and bin some of your Picasso’s precious scribbles, don’t feel guilty! Another great space-saving idea is to keep a digital copy. I have set up an email for each of my children so I can take a quick snap and email it to them amongst many other silly quotes, photos and personal messages to them. They will have a digital collage of their best artwork over the years to honour and immortalise their creativity. Genius!

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How do you display your child’s artwork? Do you have tips to share with other parents looking to deal with the mountain of paintings? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Display your child's artwork

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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