15 Creative (and Funny!) Ideas for First Day of School Photos

Jill Holtz

August 15, 2019

first day of school girl getting her photo taken

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Heading to school for the first time or going back to school each year is always a milestone – and a fantastic picture opportunity for proud parents too. There are some brilliant ways to hold a first day of school photoshoot – here are some fun and funky ideas for first day of school photos:

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For first day back at school in our house, we always take pictures of the kids in their uniforms on the doorstep with their schoolbags on their back, but some of these ideas are really great if you’re looking for something more creative!

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Brilliant Ideas for First Day of School Photos

Chalk the Details

First Day of School photos chalk

Image: Pinterest

Use colourful chalks to write the year, class and teacher’s name out on the pavement like this cute example one parent showed off.

first day of school photos

Image: Paging Fun Mums

Alternatively, you could create a full chalk picture around your child to record the day, like this fun idea from Paging Fun Mums!

Graduating Class T-Shirt

Back to school photos

Image: Where the Smiles Have Been

Grab a large white men’s t-shirt and create this brilliant photo prop for your back to school photos!

Where the Smiles Have Been shows you just how to create your own graduating class t-shirt, complete with spaces for a handprint each year. What a brilliant gift to present your child with at their graduation?!

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Holding Last Year’s Pic

Back to school photos

Image: How Does She

Show your child holding a picture from last year, which is a great way to show the changes in a year. Some parents also do last day of school pics to go with the first day of school, but I like this idea from How Does She where you have your child’s last year photo in a frame for them to hold for this year’s photo. Plus, you’ll find fantastic step-by-step instructions on how to create this picture-in-a-picture idea.

Use a Letter Board

Isn’t this a nice first day of school photo idea? Use a letter board and then add a quote or something about your child to the board too.

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A Simple Printed Sheet

1st day of school simple sheet

Image: Pinterest

Keep it simple with a homemade printed sheet, listing the details of the coming year.

You could even turn it into a keepsake by adding a signed message of good luck from each family member!

Homemade Polaroid Frame

Back to school photos

Image: No Biggie

Create your own giant homemade (and reusable) Polaroid frame with instructions from No Biggie, then digitally add the year, class, or funny message that will immortalise your child’s return to school each year.

Photos with Siblings

1st day of school

Image: Pinterest

Taking your child’s picture with their siblings as well as by themselves makes for a nice series. I love this idea from Pinterest, with the older sister holding the younger sibling’s 1st day sign.

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Glass Door Photo

Image: Pinterest

If you have a glass door then you could use markers to decorate it with their year and details and take the photo through the glass like this parent did.

Write Out Their Class and Year

first day of school written sheet

Image: HVParent.com

Write out the number for their class and the year or have your child write it to practice their handwriting like mum Kate had with her child on HVParent.com.

Sit Siblings on Steps

Image: Pinterest

Isn’t this a clever idea? Sit all the siblings on a set of steps and chalk their class on their step with the year at the bottom.

Life-Sized Ruler

1st day of school life sized ruler

Image: Crafty Biggers

For a really cool reusable school photo prop, you could create a life sized ruler like Mum Erin did. Find the instructions on creating this on Craftybiggers.com.

Chalk Board

Back to school chalkboard

Image: Building Our Story

What a cute way to capture all the info surrounding back to school? These chalkboard idea from Building Our Story includes great questions like what does your child enjoy and what do they want to be when they grow up. Taking this back to school photo each year will make great memories as you look back on each passing year!

With Their Favourite Book

Back to school photos

Image: Ruffles and Stuff

For the book loving child, you could take their first day of school photo with their current favourite book – that would make a nice series to look back over when they finally leave school.

This mum was very creative with her daughter’s first day of school pic, using a set of broken sunglasses to make a fun prop along with a Dr Seuss book.

First Day Balloon

Back to school balloon

Image: The Idea Room

For something a bit different, how about this idea from The Idea Room to use a black balloon with white marker to write the details for that year.

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Tips for Taking First Day of School Photos

Take the photo the day before

Rather than trying to rush photos on the actual first day of school, take them the day before! It’s less stressful and your child can have a final try on of their uniform or chosen clothes.

Allow plenty of time

If you do decide to take the photos on the first day of school, give yourself time. It’s nice to have time to try out different poses and let your child be creative too.

If staging, have all your props ready

Organise your props in advance, write out or create your signs and have them ready.

Bribing works!

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of bribery…

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15 Creative and Funny Ideas for First Day Of School Photos - Mykidstime

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