18 Special Christmas Eve Essentials Perfect for Waiting for Santa

Jill Holtz

December 1, 2020

Christmas Eve Essentials

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It’s Christmas Eve! The excitement is building, the kids are up to high-doh, the sense of anticipation is magical. So while you wait for Santa to arrive, we have compiled our list of 18 Special Christmas Eve Essentials Perfect for Waiting for Santa.

Christmas Eve is one of the most special nights of the year. Children around the world are getting ready for the arrival of Santa. They are giddy and excited waiting to see if Santa was able to get them the gifts that were on their list.

Christmas Eve Essentials Perfect for Waiting for Santa

One of the pleasures of the run up to 25th December has to be Christmas Eve. While many countries make this their main celebration day, in Ireland and the UK and USA certainly, Christmas Eve is a day of anticipation. Will Santa Claus come? What will he bring?

Excitement levels can run high so be sure to fit in some exercise during the day to help tire out wee ones, a brisk walk all bundled up to get some fresh air was always a good trick in our house.

Then all you need to make sure is you have all your Christmas Eve Essentials covered! So here’s our list to help you out:

#1. Cuddly Christmas Onesies/Jammies

Top of the list are Christmas pyjamas for the kids to put on after their bath or shower (so you’re all clean for Santa!).

They are great for keeping warm and cozy while waiting for bedtime.

#2. Cosy Dressing Gowns

The kids will look extra cuddly in their PJs with a cosy dressing gown. Also perfect for the next morning when they are too excited to get dressed before opening presents!

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#3. Fluffy Warm Footwear

And to keep their tootsies warm as they run around excited, a pair of fluffy warm slippers or socks.

#4. Christmas Treats For Late Night Visitors!

here comes santa claus

You’ll need some teats to leave out for Santa and the reindeer. We usually leave a Christmas cookie or two, a glass of something for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph in our house!

#5. Christmas Music

Whether you are into carols or Christmas pop songs, it’s essential to have that music on in the background, it really gets everybody into the mood! Check out our Mykidstime Hip Christmas playlist on Spotify for something a bit different!

Or if you like the more traditional Christmas music, we also have our MyKidsTime Favourite Christmas Hits playlist too!

#6. A Classic Christmas Movie

christmas family movies

Christmas Eve wouldn’t be the same without watching a classic Christmas movie together. Our favourites are The Snowman or Elf or Home Alone. Or if we have time, all three!

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#7. One Gift To Open

hot toys for Christmas 2021

In our house, everyone gets to choose and open one small gift on Christmas Eve.

I’ve also heard recently about parents giving their kids a Christmas Eve Box with some of these Christmas Eve essentials in them like jammies and hot chocolate mix which I think is a lovely idea.

#8. Christmas Stockings

Need we say more?

#9. An Open Fire

As the Christmas classic song goes, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” and an open fire really is the biz (if you have a fireplace) for making it feel perfectly Christmassy.

#10. Suitable Christmas Apparel For Mum And Dad

If you can persuade Mum and Dad to put on their Christmas jumpers or their Christmas jammies then they’ll look just the part. Or failing that a set of reindeer antlers or a pair of Christmas socks!

#11. Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows

hot chocolate Christmas Eve essentials

It’s just the deliciousness of the hot chocolate with melted marshmallows that makes it feel Christmas Eve-ish. Or for some extra Christmas Eve fun try making Snowman Soup!

#12. Christmas Drink For Mum And Dad

Yes, Mum and Dad are definitely ready for a glass of bubbly or a cocktail! (Especially if they have a complex toy to assemble or even a trampoline as we did one Christmas Eve!)

#13. Reindeer Food

A bag of Magic Reindeer Food to sprinkle in the garden to let the Reindeers know where to come!

#14. Candles

I love a Christmas-scented candle or putting tealights in my Christmas holders, there’s something so soft and gentle about candle light. (Just remember to keep an eye on them at all times and blow them out at bedtime!)

#15. A Gingerbread House

gingerbread house Christmas Eve essentials

A proper Gingerbread House is lovely to break pieces off and nibble on. Or how about baking this easy but stunning gingerbread village?

#16. Santa Tracker

You must have the Santa Tracker up and following progress on the tablet or laptop! Here’sHow to Track Santa and Other Santa Watch Websites to check out.

#17. A Family Board Game

We like to play a family board game together on Christmas Eve, it helps pass the time too. Some favourite board game suggestions from parents.

#18. A Christmas Bedtime Story

Christmas Stories for Kids 2020

And of course when your kids are tucked up in bed, there’s nothing nicer than reading a Christmas bedtime story together. Here are our favourite Christmas stories.

christmas eve essentials

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