Take Our FREE 30-Day Kids At Home Activity Challenge!

Jill Holtz

March 31, 2020

kids activity challenge

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Join in the fun and take our 30-Day Kids At Home Activity Challenge! You can start it at any time and use our 30 daily activities as inspiration for lots more family memories!

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We wanted to put something fun together for families – especially during these at-home times – so we’ve compiled a little activity challenge for kids.

There’s a fun idea for your child to do each day (including a few special treats they’re sure to enjoy!) that you can adapt for the ages of your children. Use these activities as inspiration for more games and family fun – and don’t forget to tag us with your daily pics using the hashtag #mktkidsathome.

Enjoy the Challenge!

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Kids At Home Activity Challenge

It’s time to get started! Here is the daily inspiration for the activity challenge, including some helpful hints to help get you started.

Have fun!

Daily Activities

Day 1: Play Hopscotch
Day 2: Make a Paper Aeroplane
Day 3: Clean the car inside and out
Day 4: Go on a bug hunt in the garden
Day 5: Treat time! Make cookies
Day 6: Write a letter to a friend or your grandparents
Day 7: Learn something new about Ireland
Day 8: Listen to an audiobook or podcast
Day 9: Write down 5 things you are grateful for
Day 10: Play an educational game (and save bananas for Sunday!)
Day 11: Practise tying your shoelaces
Day 12: Treat time! Make banana bread
Day 13: Build something amazing out of LEGO
Day 14: Do some fun exercise for at least 5 minutes
Day 15: Practise writing your name and use different styles
Day 16: Watch a programme about animals
Day 17: Read at least one chapter of a book
Day 18: Set up and play shop with real or Monopoly money
Day 19: Treat time! Make Rice Krispie Buns
Day 20: Call a friend on FaceTime or Skype
Day 21: Build an amazing fort
Day 22: Make something fun from toilet roll holders
Day 23: Create an obstacle course
Day 24: Have a Teddy Bear picnic
Day 25: Have a puppet show with odd socks
Day 26: Treat time! Make Fairy Cakes
Day 27: Make homemade playdough
Day 28: Find 10 things that are yellow
Day 29: Make a card for a grandparent
Day 30: Do a yoga session (Cosmic Kids have daily yoga)

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Have your say! How did you get on with our kids activity challenge? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Kids At Home Activity Challenge

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!


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