50 Fun Things To Do With Your Toddler


Have an under-5 at home? Need some ideas for entertaining your preschooler? Here are 50 fun things to do with your toddler:

50 Fun Things to Do With Toddlers

#1. Dressing up

We have a box with costumes and clothes, scarves, hats, face paints, jewellery, wigs. You can pick great stuff in the charity shops. Always great fun, why should dressing up be limited to Halloween?

#2. Read together

Toddlers and preschoolers love books, they love being read to and it’s a great way of encouraging learning and bonding with your child. Many parents think books are only for bedtime, why not pick a time every day where you sit down together and read a story? Here’s one of our favourite authors Michael Rosen performing a classic book for smallies, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt:

swimmer#3. Splash and Swim

Get into the pool and splash about with other parents & toddlers. Swimming is a great activity to do with your preschooler

#4. Go for a Toddle

A walk around your neighbourhood or nearby park can be fun, even in the rain! Be prepared for your walk to be a bit slow with your toddler or preschooler but you can have fun anyway.

#5. Play I Spy

The colours version is ideal for preschoolers who haven’t yet learned their letters but know their colours e.g. I Spy With MyLittle Eye something Red

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car tracks masking tape jennifer tuksal pinterest_0#6. Set up a racing track

Using some masking tape, create a racing track for cars to race around the living room by using the tape twice to make a parallel track.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Tuksal’s Fun For Kids Pinterest Board.

#7. Join a local Parent & Toddler group

This is a great way for your toddler to meet and mix with children of their own age and it is a good way for parents to meet other local parents.

#8. Cooking/Baking

There are loads of foods that preschoolers can safely help with making, and if they make it themselves you can be guaranteed they will eat it.

#9. Have a Colour Day

Choose a colour then ask your preschooler to find and wear clothes that colour, eat food that colour, find a toy that colour, etc. This is a great way for younger kids to learn their colours and also to get children to try and eat new foods!

#10. Make Gloop

Mix cornflour and water and some food colouring (optional) until it forms a thick paste. It will run through your fingers when you try to lift it but if you pat it it is hard. Lots of fun for mums and kids.

“The very weird texture will make even big kids laugh. It also washes out of clothes easily and it doesn’t matter if it gets eaten because it’s natural so even small toddlers or babies in their high-chair can join in the fun!”, Sarah D


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