10 Sensational Ideas for Strawberries for Kids

Jill Holtz

May 27, 2016


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It’s National Strawberry Week and strawberries are one of the most popular fruits around, especially with children, they are delicious, nutritious and easy to eat – nature’s finger food! So to celebrate this red healthy treat, here are 10 Sensational Ideas for Strawberries for Kids:

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#1. Strawberry and Banana Cars

What child wouldn’t enjoy helping to make and then scoff these delicious looking strawberry and banana cars?


Image from Pinterest

#2. Strawberry Fish

Kids love fun food and this strawberry fish toast looks easy peasy to make with strawberries for scales, blueberries for bubbles and some raspberries for decoration.


Image courtesy of Driscoll’s 

#3. Strawberry Lemonade Ice Pops

This Strawberry Lemonade Ice Pops recipe from Courtneyssweets.com takes less than 5 minutes to prep, wait a few hours and you have a delicious and healthy dessert for the whole family.


Image courtesy of Courtneyssweets.com

#4. Strawberry Flowers

This fun idea for strawberry flowers from Momendeavors.com uses string cheese for the flower stems and center of the petals which are made from cut strawberries, and kiwi slices for leaves and grass. So lovely and delicious looking!

strawberry flowers

Image courtesy of MomEndeavors.com

#5. Strawberry Mice

Cute cute cute. Make some little strawberry mice with peanut ears, red licorice tails and little chocolate eyes to go with wedges of cheese.

strawberry mice

Image from Pinterest 

#6. Strawberry Angry Bird

We just love this Angry Bird made of strawberries, melon and blueberries. A great way to get your child to tuck into some fruit.

strawberry angry bird

Image from Pinterest

#7. Strawberry Milkshake

Kids love milkshakes, and making your own is easy peasy. You can use vanilla ice cream or vanilla yoghurt to add a bit of texture in this delicious Strawberry and Banana Milkshake.

strawberry milkshake

#8. Strawberry Ice Cream

This is Rachel Allen’s strawberry ice cream recipe and a firm favourite in our house. It is really light and creamy and best of all you don’t need an ice-cream machine!


#9. Strawberry Printable Craft

This cute Strawberry Craft from Learncreatelove.com can be downloaded and printed and then your child can cut out and colour and glue their strawberry.

strawberry printable

Image courtesy of Learncreatelove.com

#10. Strawberry Bubble Wrap Craft

We love this bubble wrap craft from Intheplayroom.co.uk, in my experience kids adore bubble wrap (the popping!) and they’ll love using paint and the bubble wrap to create strawberry art.

Image courtesy of Intheplayroom.co.uk

Over to you now! Any favourite fun ideas for strawberries kids? Share them with us in the comments below!


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