12 Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes That Are Super Easy to Make

kid friendly christmas recipes

This holiday season, let the kids get creative and have fun in the kitchen with these 12 kid friendly Christmas recipes that are super easy to make. From savoury appetisers to sticky sweet desserts, we think that every child, big and small, will find something to love here.

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From fruit-laden pudding, cake and mince pies to sprouts and stuffing, Christmas food can often be better suited to older palates. But it’s nice to have a few kid friendly recipes up your sleeve that the whole family can enjoy.

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Fun and Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes

#1. Snowman Pizza

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes Snowman Pizza from She knows
Image: She Knows

This recipe for Snowman Pizza from She Knows will help kids get in the festive spirit and enjoy a great pizza too.

If you want a quick fix, try our quick pizza base recipe in place of the yeast base on the article.

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#2. Sausage Rolls

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes Sausage and Pudding Rolls from Clonakility

Sausage rolls stir up memories of Christmas for me as a child. My siblings and I used to gather around to help make them for Christmas parties or just to enjoy of an evening.

I love this recipe for sausage rolls with a twist, combining sausage meat with black and white pudding from Clonakilty Food Company. It uses readymade puff pastry, so is easy for the kids to master.

As an alternative, try this sausage roll recipe combining apple with sausage meat.

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#3. Savoury Egg Tarts

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes from Wholesome Ireland
Image courtesy of Wholesome Ireland

These egg tarts from Wholesome Ireland make a great brunch or lunch for over the Christmas season – and when the kids go back to school they are good for lunch boxes too.

The recipe will feed up to six hungry adults and kids. They use readymade puff pastry and any ham that may be leftover after Christmas dinner, so they are easy to kids to make – and they taste amazing.

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#4. Santa Bread

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes Santa Bread
Image courtesy of A Little Zaftig

These cute Santa Breads from A Little Zaftig are made using a yeast dough so your child may need a little help creating that. But, once proved, you can let them design and craft their very own Santa Breads and bake them to enjoy with cheese or simply as they are.

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#5. Potato and Sage Gnocchi with Pesto

If you have sage left over after making your Christmas stuffing, the kids could use it to create this Potato.ie recipe for velvety potato and sage gnocchi with pesto.

It’s surprisingly really easy to make from scratch and they will be sure to get the seal of approval from the rest of the family. They could even try and create their own pesto.

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#6. Snowman Soup

snowman soup recipe

Create your own snowman soup – isn’t this adorable?!

The ideal hot chocolate treat after a day in the snow or to relax with after presents have been wrapped up and placed under the tree.

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#7. Ice Cream Christmas Pudding

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes Ice Cream Christmas Pudding

Many children do not like the richness of a traditional Christmas pudding, so why not get them to make their own version using this recipe for ice cream pudding from Bord Bia?

It suggests that they soak dried fruit in port overnight, but if you think your kids wouldn’t like that flavour you could soak the fruit in orange juice instead, or replace the fruit with frozen mixed berries.

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#8. Rosie’s Melting Snowman Christmas Cookies

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes christmas cookie recipes

How cute are these little guys? Rosie’s melting snowman Christmas cookies are another perfect Christmas recipe for kids to try – they will love them.

They are really simple to make, with just four ingredients, and the children can have fun decorating them. They will look great on any festive table this Christmas, or would be ideal as a gift.

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#9. Chocolate Log

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes Christmas Log

Do you remember chocolate log from your childhood? We always made one and decorated it with snow (desiccated coconut or icing sugar) and added Santa to the top!

This chocolate log recipe is a little different – it is gluten-free and is baked flat and rolled when cooled. The kids can have fun making and decorating this for the Christmas dinner table.

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#10. Gingerbread

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes Gingerbread

Christmas would not be the same without some gingerbread! Children can use this gingerbread recipe to create yummy gingerbread characters. Or it can be rolled into larger sheets, baked and used to create gingerbread houses glued together with icing and decorated with their favourite sweets!

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#11. Shortbread Biscuits

christmas shortbread

Shortbread biscuits are the perfect Christmas recipe for kids to make. They are ready quickly, everyone loves them and they could even make the ideal edible Christmas gift if you package them up nicely.

Check out our recipe for shortbread biscuits, or try this delicious almond and mincemeat version.

#12. Christmas Crack

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes Christmas Crack
Image courtesy of Table for Two

I found this recipe for Christmas Crack on Table for Two. Be warned though – it is highly addictive! You could replace Saltines with a cracker like Tuc.

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Do you have any favourite kid friendly Christmas recipes? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

12 Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes That Are Super Easy to Make

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