How To Make Better New Year Resolutions (and a FREE Download)!

Jill Holtz

December 11, 2022

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As the Old Year draws to an end, our thoughts naturally turn to what we want to achieve next year.

To help you, we have a handy New Year Resolutions Checklist for your 2023 Resolutions – think of it as three steps to a (hopefully) a better year ahead!

How to Make Better New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Eve! A time for celebration – for looking back at the year just passed and looking forward to the New Year! It’s also famously a time for making New Year’s Resolutions- a chance to put things right and make our lives better.

It’s not just about giving something up either. Your New Year resolution can also mean starting a good habit or keeping up the good work with a current activity.

To help get you motivated (and to keep things that way!) we have created this handy New Year Checklist to print and keep on your fridge.

2023 New Year Resolutions

Still stuck for ideas? Here are some of the Mykidstime Team’s New Year’s Resolutions:

#1. Be More Organised

back to school planner

No more last minute disasters and we can help! It’s not easy being a parent these days but Mykidstime has lots of helpful tips to help get your life in order! From meal planning to tips for getting everyone out the door for school, from Back to School planning to Christmas planning, we’ve got it covered!

#2. Spend More Quality Time with Family and Friends

20 family movies on netflix

This is always on my list! Unfortunately, 2021 dealt many of us a blow by making get-togethers and family occasions far from possible. However, there are always ways to stay in touch, even if it is getting grandparents up to speed with the latest online ways to communicate. These creative ways to keep in touch with grandparents are a great way to get started!

When we do get to be together again, we have lots of ideas for fun activities with your family such as best board games to play and 50 things to do that cost nothing but time.

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#3. Eat More Healthily

peanut butter with fruit and crackers healthy snack ideas

We know what it’s like being a parent and having to rustle together family dinners that everyone likes. We’ve got lots of tips for eating more healthily from making overnight oats to sneaking more veg in to healthy kids snacks.

#4. Explore New Places

The Copper Coast Waterford

If we can get back to any kind of family travel in 2022, we can help get you there with minimum fuss, including tips to help you pack and prepare, and the best ways to keep the kids entertained on the journey.

For when the time comes, check out our super city and destination guides which list tons of FREE things to do with kids in places from Hong Kong to Portugal! And if you’re staying in (or visiting) Ireland, we’ve got lots of ideas for the best ever family holiday in Ireland.

#5. Get More Active

Health and Fitness Challenge

Finding time for exercise as parents is tricky so that’s why we love our 21 Day Health and Fitness Challenge, specially designed for us by health and wellbeing expert, Fiona O’Donnell.

More family walks and doing fun things with the kids to get active together is definitely another thing on the list this year.

#6. Do More Fun Things With the Kids

Finally have a read of 100 Family Bucket List Ideas for the New Year we hope they inspire you!

Have a wonderful New Year everyone and all the best for 2023!

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How To Make Better New Year Resolutions

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