20 Super Spring Crafts For Kids To Create

spring crafts for kids

Spring is a lovely time of year. The days are brighter and the kids can get outdoors again after being cooped up for the Winter. Why not celebrate the arrival of Spring with our 20 Super Spring Crafts for Kids to Create?

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We have found 20 amazing spring-themed crafts that you can make with your child. From rainbow decorations for your window to cherry blossom lanterns, enjoy these spring craft ideas!

20 Super Spring Crafts For Kids To Create

#1. Rainbow Window Decorations

Spring Crafts for Kids from Momontimeout
Image courtesy of Momontimeout.com

Sometimes the simplest crafts are also the most fun. Using just tissue paper, craft glue and waxed paper you can create a beautiful rainbow window decoration. Or use the concept to create different designs. I love this one from Momontimeout.

#2. Popsicle Stick Boats

Craft stick ship craft
Image courtesy of Craft Project Ideas

Sail the seven seas, or in a puddle or stream in this handmade boat. This design was on Craft Project Ideas to celebrate Columbus Day. There are 23 steps, so younger children may require a little help. But don’t they look great and worth the effort?

You will need:

  • Craft Glue
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Paint
  • Heavy Paper for the sails
  • Good Scissors
  • Masking Tape

#3. Cardboard Caravan

Cardboard Box Caravan
Image courtesy of Fun Crafts Kids

This is such a fabulous idea from Fun Crafts Kids and the attention to detail brings this caravan to life even more!

#4. Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Make a wonderful array of spring flowers with a collection of colourful pipe cleaners and some creativity. Aren’t these daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths cute? You’ll find the instructions on Onelittleproject.com.

pipe cleaner flowers
Image courtesy of One Little Project

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#5. Grow a Grass Head

Spring Crafts for Kids Grass Had from Activity Village
Image courtesy of Activity Village

Create your very own indoor garden to enjoy by planting grass seed in sawdust and encasing it in nylon, water it and watch it sprout! You’ll find the instructions over on Activityvillage.co.uk.

You will need:

  • Grass Seed
  • Sawdust or sand
  • Nylon stocking or old tights (the foot bit)
  • Clean pot to plant it in which you can decorate

Once you have created your grass head, why not decorate him with googly eyes, felt or ribbons?

#6. Driftwood Art

Spring Crafts for Kids Driftwood Seahorse Creativeinchiago.com
Image courtesy of Creativeinchiago

After winter winds and storms the beaches are usually littered with driftwood.

See if you can find any smooth driftwood along the beach and take it home to create a piece of art.

I love this driftwood seahorse craft which I found over on Creativeinchiago showing us that even small pieces of driftwood can be turned into something beautiful.

#7. Paper Flowers

origami paper flowers

Isn’t this a lovely spring craft from Simple Origami For Kids? It makes a fun project, and you can decorate the walls, make homemade cards or even give a few flowers to a favourite Nana or Auntie.

#8. Paper Kite Craft

Spring Crafts for Kids KItes from How Stuff Works
Image courtesy of How Stuff Works

Let the kids’ imagination soar with this paper craft by How Stuff Works which will show you how to make a whole flock of bird kites. They can be decorated however you wish.

Best of all, when they are done let the kids trial them outside! This craft activity is probably best suited to slightly older kids, or for younger ones, get Mum or Dad to help.

#9. Nature Collage

paper plate craftsNow that Spring has arrived and you can get outdoors and collect twigs, feathers, leaves and other small objects, why not turn them into a nature collage? Nature collages are great Spring Crafts for Kids.

The objects can be glued to a paper plate that you have already painted. And you could add a background scene, like a bird or some fish before you get going.

#10. Fabric Print T-Shirt

Spring Crafts for Kids Fabric Print Shirt from I Love to Create
Image courtesy of I Love to Create

Get ready for the sun by customising a plain coloured t-shirt using fabric paint. I love this Owl design which I found, along with instructions and a template, over on I Love to Create.

Smaller children may need a bit of help with this activity, but once they get started you may be running to the shops to buy more tops to customise! This craft could also be repeated to create a cute canvas tote bag.

#11. Paper Daffodils

Daffodil bunting for Easter crafts for toddlers - Mykidstime

Using a star shaped cookie cutter, yellow card and some tissue paper, you can create beautiful Paper Daffodils.

These can be added to string to create Spring bunting, or glued to a larger piece of cardboard to create a 3D picture or even added to a popsicle stick and placed in a vase.

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#12. Fingerprint Love Hearts

Spring Crafts for Kids
Image courtesy of A Girl and a Glue Gun

With Mother’s Day often falling during Spring, we were inspired by this picture we found on Agirlandagluegun.com, to create some Fingerprint Love Heart gifts using salt dough.

Once the dough is made, your child can mold it to whatever shape they wish and press their finger print onto it before baking. You could make a keyring or a pendant.

You will need:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • cold water.
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#13. Weather Clock

Spring Crafts for Kids weather clock
Image courtesy of Warmhotchocolate.com

Creating weather clocks is a great spring craft for kids as we get April showers, spring sunshine, clouds and sometimes even snow.

We loved this example of a fun Weather Clock on Warmhotchocolate.com. You can use a paper plate for the circle and then cut out and glue on your weather icons and make a pointer arrow pinned to the middle with a paper fastener.

Kids would enjoy changing the pointer every day to that day’s weather too.

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#14. Cute Easter Animals

Spring Crafts for Kids
Image courtesy of Krokotak.com

These cute Easter animals are made of coloured paper. The Krokotak website is in Bulgarian but most browsers can translate and there are easy to follow photos with printables.

All you need is a selection of coloured card, glue, scissors and some stick on eyes to create your very own selection of Easter animals.

#15. Origami Tulip

Spring Crafts for Kids Origami Tulip from Activity Village
Image courtesy of Activity Village

These origami tulips are sure to blend in well with the real thing. You can be as creative as you wish with the colours.

Get full instructions on how to create your very own bunch of tulips over on Activity Village.

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#16. Shamrock Suncatcher

Spring Crafts for Kids sun catcher from Hands on as we Grow
Image courtesy of Hands On As We Grow

As St Patrick’s Day falls during Spring (on March 17th) we have created a post with fun St Patrick’s Day Crafts for you to make.They include this fun shamrock suncatcher from the Hands on: as we grow blog.

They used “transparent contact paper”, but you could also use the self-adhesive, clear book covering which is available in school book shops/online shops. You’ll also need green tissue paper, green confetti and glitter.

#17. Paper Strip Art

Spring crafts for kids
Image courtesy of Minted

Using paper strips to create a picture is a great craft for kids. Pick different colours and designs and build them up to create your picture.

I love this paper strip Easter egg from Minted. They have created an egg shape cutout to use as a template and framed the image when it was finished.  You could use the same concept to create a beautiful butterfly or Spring flowers.

#18. Spring Hat

Spring Crafts for Kids Spring Hat from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots
Image courtesy of Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

We love this Spring hat from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots. With the cute little daffodils and ladybird – your kids will feel very proud wearing their very own Spring creation.

The simple design is suited to younger children also, with just a little bit of help from you!

All you will need is coloured card, pipe cleaners, tissue paper and scraps of coloured card and foam sheets. This would also make a lovely crafting activity for a child’s Springtime birthday party.

#19. Spring Picture

Spring Crafts for Kids
Image courtesy of Artsy Craftsy Mom

Using cotton wool, straws, popsicle sticks, paint and glue, you can create a colourful Spring picture, just like Artsy Craftsy Mom did. It could be framed and hung on the wall.

You could add some Spring lambs using white cotton wool with black paint dots for eyes.

#20. Cherry Blossom Lantern

Spring Crafts for Kids Cherry Blossom Lantern Activity Village
Image courtesy of Activity Village

Update your room for Spring by painting your very own Cherry Blossom Pattern onto a paper lantern.

You could use a single round lantern or if you want to have a string of lights find white cylinder lanterns and decorate each one with a unique painting.

Over to you now. Have you tried any of our Spring Crafts for Kids or do you have any ideas of your own? Please share them with us in the comments box below.

20 Super Spring Crafts For Kids To Create

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