14 Extraordinary Science Week Events You Won’t Want to Miss


October 12, 2022

Science week 2021

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Sweets, superheroes, constellations and more! Are you ready for Science Week 2022 takes place in Ireland from November 13th to 20th, and we have picked out some fantastic family-friendly events that you won’t want to miss!

There are lots of fun events taking place this year in-person and online to celebrate Science Week, here’s just a small selection of ones that caught our eye.

Extraordinary Science Week Events

Glendalough LEGO Open Day Workshops with National Museum of Ireland

NMI Glendalough LEGO Workshops for Science Week

When: November 12th and 13th

Where: National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

This Science Week, come to the Museum and view the Medieval Glendalough LEGO model, created by LEGO artist Jessica Farrell, containing over 40,000 bricks!

The Medieval Glendalough LEGO Model will be on display at the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. Hands-on LEGO workshops will be available where children can contribute to the longest LEGO wall ever built in Ireland (booking required, see details below).

Throughout the day, meet archaeologists and expects to discover more about the history and archaeology of the valley of Glendalough. View some replica artefacts found through excavations in the area, watch a video on the history and archaeology of Glendalough.

Booking is required for the 45-minute LEGO workshops. There are five workshops available in total and are for children aged between 7-12

All participants will have their Medieval Glendalough-inspired LEGO creation put on display during the event for all visitors to enjoy!

For more information, click here.

Let’s Talk Science Festival 2022

Let's Talk Science Festival

When: November 12th

Where: Rediscovery Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 9

The Let’s Talk Science Festival 2022, hosted by the Rediscovery Centre, it revolves around the theme of conversations around STEM, aiming to engage and inspire young people to get involved with STEM.

Engaging workshops, demonstrations, experiments and talks about science, technology, engineering and maths.

For more information, click here.

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Journey to the Heart of the Cell

When: November 18th

Where: Blanchardstown Library, Dublin

Journey to the Heart of the Cell is an interactive, entertaining science show suitable for children and young people aged 10+. Through drama, the show informs the audience about the biology of the cell, the concept of cell differentiation and the manipulation of cells in the laboratory.

For more information, click here.

To Space with Niamh!

To Space with Niamh science week 2022

When: November 5th

Where: Tallaght Library, Dublin

When will humans return to the Moon? Will there ever be a footprint on Mars? Just who has been on the International Space Station lately? Join ESA Champion and space storyteller extraordinaire Dr Niamh Shaw share her passion for space, bring you up to speed on her recent adventures (from NASA Kennedy Space centre for astronaut launches, chatting with Chris Hadfield or flying on a plane with a telescope on board) and inspire you to Dream Big, and see your name among the stars.

For more information, click here.

Fun-Believable Science Show

Funbelievable science show 2022

When: November 13th

Where: Western Gateway Building , University College Cork

Laugh and learn as Doctor Brain shows students juggling and circus tricks, explains how they are done, and then brings the students up to try their hand at tricks. This show is packed with entertainment and has a real wow factor that will have all ages buzzing.

Topics include:

  • How gravity affects falling objects
  • Can centripetal force be stronger than gravity?
  • How optical illusions work
  • How things balance

This show is facilitated by Jeff Keough who performs as Doctor Brain. Jeff has over 25 years’ experience as an entertainer and has performed at the White House, Leinster House, toured America and Canada with Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth”. Jeff survived a tiger getting loose backstage, a voodoo ceremony performed on his trunk and a performance for his daughters Senior Infant Class.

Secrets of Superhero Science

Science week 2021

When: November 15th

Where: Nenagh Library, Nenagh, Co Tipperary

Are you ready to unlock the Secrets of Superhero Science with Tipperary Festival of Science?

Superheroes are known for their incredible superpowers. Supergirl can effortlessly lift cars, trains, and aeroplanes; Tony Stark flies around New York City in his Iron Man suit; Spider-Man climbs walls; and Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four has the incredible power of invisibility. But how likely are we to replicate these superpowers? And besides defeating supervillains, where could we use these superpowers in modern society.

In the Secrets of Superhero Science, Dr Barry Fitzgerald will take you through the science behind the superpowers of some of iconic superheroes such as the amazing the Iron Man suit, the real-life scientists trying to make artificial spider silk, and the technology behind invisibility, and lots more.

Dr. Barry Fitzgerald is a physicist, speaker, author, speaker trainer, event host, and science communicator. Barry has spoken all around the world at schools, science festivals, and companies about the science of popular culture, in particular superheroes. He is the author of three books including ‘Secrets of Superhero Science’ and ‘How to Build an Iron Man Suit’.

For more information, click here.

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Cosmic Clouds Family Workshop with GLOBE

Cosmic Clouds Workshop science week 2022

When: November 13th

Where: National Space Centre, Midleton, Co Cork

Rain or shine, join a family activity day at the National Space Centre celebrating all things clouds! Become a citizen scientist armed with an app to report cloud measurements; create your own fluffy light-up cloud and become part of the space exhibition at the NSC; and learn about weather and Earth observation satellites and the data carried through a tour of the NSC ground stations.

GLOBE Ireland will show participants how to complete citizen-science cloud observations using the GLOBE Program Observer App. Participants will learn all about cloud formation, the water cycle, and about the connection between climate, weather, and the global energy budget in a 30-minute workshop.

Visitors will then create their own LED clouds in a 30-minute hands-on creative session for all ages led by Greywood Arts‘ Rysee Lennon and using recycled materials to create fun cloud sculptures.

Finally, the afternoon will wrap up with a guided tour of the National Space Centre and the groundstations on site surrounding Ireland’s iconic 32-metre Big Dish.

For more information, click here.

How Does Climate Change Affect Our Weather?

When: November 10th

Where: Dundalk Library, Roden Place, Dundalk, Co Louth

Gerry Murphy, a meteorologist with and senior weather forecaster with Met Eireann, will describe how the Earth’s climate is changing and will discuss how climate change is contributing to significant weather events around the world.

For more information, click here.

The Physics of Aerial Flight with Circus Factory

When: November 15th

Where: National Space Centre, Midleton, Co Cork

What happens when an aeriailst and an engineer collide? Find out in this 2-hour physical physics demonstration and workshop focused on the mechanics of flight.

Engineer and performer Brian O’Mahony will work with performers from Circus Factory to explain conservation of angular momentum and its importance in both flight and aerial work. Concepts will be demonstrated by Circus Factory artists and audience members will have an opportunity to volunteer in demonstrations and to practice fundamental concepts.

The workshop will take place in the unique setting of the roundroom control centre below the Big Dish.

Suitable for ages 16+. For more information, click here.

Sligo Science Festival

When: November 13th

Where: ATU Sligo, Ash Lane, Sligo

Sligo Science Fair marks the start of a week of Science Week events. This family event explains science in a fun way!

The all-day Annual Science Fair will include a wide range of performances, interactive displays and demonstrations for all the family to enjoy, including:

  • Sustainable Foods: What Would You Eat to Save the World?
  • Kitchen chemistry
  • Mermaid with Circus 250
  • Scientists on stilts
  • Wonderstruck Dangerous Science Show
  • Exploration Dome with Martin Conroy
  • Dr Ken’s Spectacular Science Circus Show
  • Science…It’s Like Magic But Real with Graham Hewston

For more information, click here.

The Big Family STEM Day

When: November 12th

Where: Monaghan Institute, Armagh Road

The Big Family STEM Day is back at Monaghan Institute! Join in for a jam-packed day of activities, workshops and demonstrations including Scientists on Stilts, LEGO Robotics, Coding, Kite-Making, Farming, Ocean exploration and much more!

For more information, click here.

Plant Science Week

National Botanic Gardens Dublin

When: November 14-19th

Where: National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

As part of Science Week, the National Botanic Gardens are hosting a Plant Science Festival to investigate and celebrate plant science via talks, demonstrations, tours, botanical art workshops, and interactive experiments.

Do you want to know about the diversity of plants from tiny seeds to towering trees? Find out about the ingenious adaptations that have evolved in the plant world. Or how about some tea and chocolate? We will have a talk on tea with a tea ceremony and tea tasting. We will also have a talk on chocolate and maybe some tasting at that too!

On Saturday 19th there will be family activities, such as partaking in experiments and botanical art workshops.

For more information, click here.


This fun 30-Day LEGO Play Challenge is free and easy, and offers lots of brilliant building inspiration for brick-mad kids!


Family Robot Relay Race

When: November 19th at 10am, 11.30am and 1pm

Where: MTU Kerry North Campus, Tralee, Co Kerry

Build a robot with your family and complete a relay race. Learn while you build and hear about some interesting robot facts and fiction.

Suitable for ages 6 to 12 years. For more information, click here.

Marble Run and Bridge-Building Challenge

When: November 19th from 10am-12pm and 2-4pm

Where: MTU Kerry North Campus, Tralee, Co Kerry

This practical, problem-solving activity will use miniature wooden planks to create structures. Participants will have the guidance of practicing engineers from the region, and there will also be information displays about engineering. Drop in and try your skill!

For more information, click here.

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