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    Top tips for travelling with toddlers

    Liam Murphy from ClickandGo Travel recently asked a question on their Facebook page looking for advice on travelling with small children and toddlers. As some of the suggestions he received included the use of sedatives and bailing twine (for both children and parents), he thought it might be useful to put together a list of tips that won’t have child services beating a track to your door.

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    Fun Facts About Ancient Greece For Kids

    Are you a teacher or parent looking for some cool, educational content on an exciting topic, that kids can enjoy reading, in class or at home? I’m sure you will agree that one of the most interesting periods in history was that of Ancient Greece. Kids, parents and teachers will love reading these fun facts about ancient Greece for kids.

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    Canary Islands this Mid-Term?

    Feel like you need another summer holiday already? The Canary Islands are perfect for your mid-term break. Known as ‘the land of the eternal spring’, they are famous for their all year round sunshine. Temperatures ranging from 19-23 degrees in the winter, it couldn’t be a more perfect place for re-charging your batteries while the kids go wild in the pool!

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