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    Fussy Eater? Check out these healthy eating tips from Laya Healthcare

    Fruit…Foods… Fuel for Families! Healthy food choices are vital for young children and teens to ensure that their bodies grow and develop to reach their full potential.  Ensuring your child has a regular routine and never misses a meal is step one to ensuring your little ones have fuel for their day’s activities..

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    11 Surprisingly Simple Tips to Stop the Summer Slide

    Everyone loves the long summer school holidays – it’s a well-deserved break from homework, packed lunches, school drops and after-school activities, that children and parents need. But six to eight weeks holidays can be a long time with no educational activities, and may lead to a learning loss. So if you would like to keep your child’s schoolwork up during the holidays, without them realising they are doing work, here’s 11 surprisingly simple tips to stop the “summer slide”.

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