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  • Top Tablets for Kids Christmas 2014

    Tablet computers continue to dominate top toys for Christmas lists this year. With so many tablets on the market, parents face a tricky task in deciding what to buy. Price, durability and parental control are just some of the factors that need consideration. With this in mind, we’ve put together our Top Tablets for Kids for Christmas 2014 to help you choose.

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    Hot Toys for Christmas 2014

    Yes, yes, we know that Christmas is still months away. But word has it that Santa and his helpers are starting to get things ready up North which means before you know it, your little one will be writing their letter. We take a look at the predictions for the Hot Toys for Christmas 2014 – the ‘Must Have’ list of toys that children will be desperate to get their hands on this Christmas

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    steps to deal with cyberbullying

    5 Simple Steps to Deal With Cyberbullying

    Laya healthcare, Ireland’s second largest healthcare insurance provider, is committed to looking after you and yours always. With that in mind, laya healthcare enlisted Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Maureen Griffin to offer some valuable insights and advice for parents who may not be as familiar with the digital world as their children. Here are 5 Simple Steps to Deal with Cyberbullying:

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