10 Fun Party Food Ideas For Toddlers To Munch On


June 2, 2015

Party Food Ideas for Toddlers

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Hosting a party for your toddler can be great fun, but feeding the toddler guests can be daunting. Help is at hand with our 10 Fun Party Food Ideas for Toddlers To Munch On! Guaranteed to give you clean plates every time. Our top tip is to keep it simple and make the cake the star of the show.

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#1. Sandwiches

lego sandwichesCreate fun, healthy sandwiches that are sure to be gobbled up using bread with the crusts removed or flour tortillas. Roll into fun pinwheels or cut into interesting shapes.

  • Flaten each slice with a rolling pin to make them thin
  • Add your toddlers favourite filling, usually butter / spread, ham and mild grated cheddar goes down well
  • Place another rolled slice  or flour tortilla on top
  • Use a biscuit cutter to create fun shapes


  • Pinwheel SandwichesGently roll them length ways to create a pinwheel cylinder shaped roll.
  • Wrap in cling film and place in the fridge for an hour.
  • Before your guests arrive cut them into pinwheel shapes.
  • To serve, you could design a caterpillar, using a tomato for the head with some raisin eyes and add some cress for the feet! Use the pinwheels as the body.

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#2. Mini Pizzas

Home Made PizzaCreate mini pizzas using our quick scone dough recipe or add tomato paste to half a muffin and grate over mild cheddar or mozzeralla cheese to create individual pizzas for each guest.

For slightly older children you could leave out an assortment of toppings and get each child to create their own pizza.

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#3. Fruit Sticks

Fruit WandsMost toddlers love chopped up fruit but make it more interesting by adding different types of fruit to lolly sticks, safer than cocktail sticks!

Fruit that works well are strawberries and grape halves, slices of melon, kiwi, pineapple and banana and finish off with a tangerine smile.

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#4. Smoothie Jellies with Ice-Cream

Smoothie JelliesFor an alternative to shop bought jelly you can easily make your own using your child’s favourite juice or smoothie recipe. Simply add gelatine to your heated juice / smoothie and pour into small bowls or glasses to set. Serve with ice-cream.

For a recipe for 12 small or 24 mini jellies, like the ones in the picture, follow this one on BBC Good Food.

#5. Rice Krispie Buns of Rocky Road Bars

rice krispie treatsI know that these are packed with sugar, but it is a party and a little treat every now and then never hurts. For a tasty Rice Krispie Recipe simply melt your favourite chocolate bar, add a bit of butter and pour over rice krispies to coat, add mini marshmallows and spoon into mini muffin cases. Place in the fridge to set. For a chocolate free version check out Rice Krispie Chewies. For deluxe versions try out our Rocky Road Cake Recipe and No Bake Refrigerator Cake Recipe

#6. Dough Balls

dough ball pigletsYou can buy ready made dough balls or prepare them using our yeast pizza base recipe. Bake them in the over and serve the warm, but not too hot, with a little dish of garlic butter for dipping in.

Make them more interesting by creating fun shapes.

#7. Bread Sticks

Bread SticksCreate your own bread sticks or buy ready made ones from the shop.

I let the children dip them in chocolate sauce and sprinkles for a sweet treat or hummus or homemade tomato sauce for a more savoury treat.

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#8. Cake Pops

Cake PopsI find that when I have younger kids over for a party and serve cupcakes or muffins they often just eat the icing or the decorations and leave the rest of the bun behind. Cake pops make a great alternative to cupcakes for a toddler party. They are easy to manage and are just enough sugar for little ones. Use your favourite cake mix and a cake pop mould for perfect results every time. You can buy cake pop moulds in a local cook shop or order them on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

#9. Marshmallow Treats

Marshmallow Cake PopsCreate fun marshmallow top hats by spooning some melted chocolate into a bun or muffin case. Pop a marshmallow in and add a bit of chocolate to the top and add a smartie to each one. So simple to make but the kids love them.

Or create fun marshmallow pops by dipping the marshmallow into melted white chocolate and then into sprinkles.

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#10. Biscuits

Savoury or sweet, all kids love a biscuit (and some of us Mums and Dads are partial to one too).

We have plenty of yummy cookie and biscuit recipes on 50 Best Bake Sale Ideas, from Emoji Cookies to Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies.

Do you have any other ideas for party food ideas for toddlers? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!


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