5 Unique Gifts for Kids to Surprise and Delight


March 22, 2018

gifts for kids drone

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When you first have a child, buying gifts for them is unimaginably fun, even if you know they’re going to destroy it with their little baby hands within one minute. But as the years go on, buying gifts for kids gets a bit more challenging, and you often find yourself thinking, “If I spend more money on a soon-to-be-broken Transformer, I’m going to scream.” Read on for 5 unique gifts for kids that will surprise and delight even the pickiest half-pint in your bunch.

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When you factor in the amount you spend on your children’s parties in addition to the misfit of toys already in your home, it can be beyond frustrating. There is something to be said for thinking outside the (Jack-in-the) box when buying gifts for kids.

#1. Everything Experiential

gifts for kids theme park day out

Of course, kids love anything they can touch and feel and play with, but never underestimate the power of spending time with them. That’s why an experiential gift can be just as good if not better than a toy or item of clothing.

If you can afford it, think of a day at a local amusement park, but a movie day can be fun and a bit more affordable, too. Better yet—if you have the funds, the inclination, and the time, consider going on a family trip to celebrate in lieu of the party. When you consider how expensive parties can be these days, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to break even!

Make the most of whatever you choose to do by putting down your phone and upping the conversation. Trust me—this will be a birthday gift your child will remember for years to come.

#2. Something Kids Won’t Drone On About

gifts for kids drone

These days, kids’ drones are all the rage, and for good reason—they’re super duper cool! Your peewee pilot will feel like he or she is on top of the world when flying one of these around the neighborhood. While the level of quality does tend to go up the more you spend, that’s not to say there aren’t drones out there that are inexpensive and still well built.

Still, it’s best to remember that this is a time-consuming gift in that you and your child both need to put the time and effort in to learn how your drone works. If you don’t you could very well experience the heartache that goes with a drone breaking within the first 24 hours of flying it. Once you both get the hang of it, though, this is surely a gift a kids that will put you at the top of the parenting “cool list”.

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#3. Something Marvellous to Make

gifts for kids diy toys

Now anyone who gets hives just hearing the acronym “DIY” shouldn’t shudder at this one, as it could be something as simple as getting your mini-me a fort kit, a puzzle, or this Make-Your-Own-Family kit. The bottom line is this is something you could both work on together, once again maximizing your family time.

But DIY’ers can go nuts, too. If growing a garden or creating a volcano is your jam, then more power to you! Just make sure you choose something that you know your child likes, as this will let him or her know that you don’t just listen—you hear.

#4. Home in On Hobbies

gifts for kids sports equipment

Sports equipment for your budding soccer star, a new piece of gymnastics equipment for your growing gymnast, a mandolin for your mini musician, or an astrology set for your star-in-the-making are all great ideas.

While everyone knows that it’s best not to overwhelm kids with endless activities (boredom can be a good thing!), a gift that cultivates an innate talent will not only get used but it will also benefit your child’s self-esteem.

#5. Sneak in Some Education

gifts for kids science

Whether you’ve got a reluctant reader on your hands or your child loves school, a stereotypically educational gift for a child is typically going to be met with the dreaded eye-roll. However, it’s easier than you think to sneak in educational components when buying gifts.

Arts and crafts are great for hand-to-eye coordination, Minecraft is wonderful for the aspiring engineers or architects, and Magnatiles are ideal for concentration. Your child will have no idea you’re teaching them on the sly!

Have you tried any of our unique gifts for kids or do you have other unique gift ideas? Let us know in the comments box below

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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