5 Super Quick Ideas for Free Activities for Kids

Jill Holtz

July 17, 2019

ideas for free activities for kids

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Need some fast inspiration to amuse the kids without spending too much? Here are 5 Super Quick Ideas for Free Activities for Kids:

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If you are looking for something that won’t cost much to do with your child then here are 5 simple but quick ideas that are fun and practically free!

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Super Quick Ideas for Free Activities for Kids

#1. Portrait Gallery

child drawing a portrait

Take it in turns to draw each other’s portraits then set up a portrait gallery to view them all.

Or take a huge piece of paper and draw around each other then have fun colouring and drawing your features and clothes in.

Or if you don’t have a large piece of paper, just draw around your hands and then paint them adding nails and fun jewellery like rings and bracelets.

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#2. Secret Spy Codes

Pigpen cipher

Become secret spies for the day, use a secret code and take it in turns to write messages to each other that the other people have to decipher. One secret code you can use is called Pigpen, it’s really easy to learn how to write with it.

You can also make a simple alphabet number code by first writing down numbers with mixed up letters, e.g. 1=Y, 2=B, 3=F and so on. This will be your decoder sheet. Then write a message using the numbers and hand it over to the other person with the decoder sheet and they have to work out what you wrote.

Or how about trying writing in invisible ink or in an ancient alphabet called Ogham?

Here are some fun Science Experiments to try at home too.

#3. Masterchef

Mykidstime Supervalu Cooking Allstars kids in the kitchen

Have a Masterchef competition having fun in the kitchen and creating something delicious like smoothies or pizza or cookies. Or pick a new recipe you’ve never cooked before and have a go. Your child might even be persuaded to make dinner for the family!

You might also enjoy making ice pops or ice cream. Although you’ll have to wait until they are frozen!

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#4. Make Up Magic

hand-169983_640Get out some make up or face paints and have fun making each other up.

How about making some fun art on your hands. Look at this lovely hand drawing! Or you could paint your hands with smiley faces!

#5. Mystery Hunt

setting up a kids treasure hunt

Everybody likes a mystery hunt, whether it’s hunting for treasure or a scavenger hunt. And these can be indoors or out.

We have a free downloadable Mystery Hunt sheet you can use, it’s a cross between a Treasure Hunt and an Activity sheet!

You might also enjoy doing an Alphabet Hunt or try your hand at geocaching.

If you need even more inspiration for free activities for your child, then check out:

Have your say! Any other ideas for free activities for kids? Tell us in the comments below.

5 Super Quick Ideas for Free Activities for Kids

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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