5 Super Quick Ideas for Free Activities for Kids

free activities for kids

Need some fast inspiration to amuse the kids without spending too much? Here are 5 Super Quick Ideas for Free Activities for Kids:

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#1. Portrait Gallery

colored-pencils-656158_640Take it in turns to draw each other’s portraits then set up a portrait gallery to view them all. Or take a huge piece of paper and draw around each other then have fun colouring and drawing your features and clothes in. Or if you don’t have a large piece of paper, just draw around your hands and then paint them adding nails and fun jewellery like rings and bracelets.

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#2. Secret Spies

ogham-alphabet-sampleBecome secret spies for the day, invent a secret code and take it in turns to write messages to each other that the other people have to decipher.

Or how about trying writing in invisible ink or in an ancient alphabet called Ogham?

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#3. Masterchefs

8 Healthy ice pop recipes kids will lick clean headerHave fun in the kitchen and create something delicious like smoothies or pizza.

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#4. Make Up Magic

hand-169983_640Get out some make up or face paints and have fun making each other up or drawing some fun art on your hands.

You could become super heroes with painted on masks and capes, and create a super hero photo booth too!

#5. Mystery Photo Hunt

cameraTake some pictures of random objects around the house and garden at odd angles with your camera or phone and then enjoy watching the kids find all the items.

Or print off a scavenger hunt for them to follow. You might also enjoy doing an Alphabet Hunt too.

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Over to you now. Did you try any of these free things out? How did you get on? Tell us in the comments below.

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