More Ideas For Free Things To Do with Kids at Home


March 16, 2019

Free Things To Do with Kids at Home

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Looking for some ideas for things to do with the children that won’t cost anything? We have put together more ideas for free things to do with kids, fun things you can do easily at home with them.

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From a very unusual type of treasure hunt to photo fun, we hope you enjoy trying these  ideas out with your kids!

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Free Things To Do with Kids at Home

Micro Treasure Hunt

micro treasure huntEveryone gets an empty matchbox and they have to fill it with as many tiny objects as they can find. They have ten minutes to find and fit as many tiny whole objects as they can into their matchbox.

Tiny things that would fit in the matchbox could include:

  • a paper clip
  • a drawing pin
  • a pea
  • a button
  • a piece of lego
  • a flower petal
  • a bead….

Fun Talking/Word Games

Here are some talking and word games that my family loves to play.

Animal, mineral, vegetable

One person chooses a thing and the others have to guess what it is. The person must only answer yes or no to the questions.

Fortunately, Unfortunately

One person starts off a story e.g. A man was walking down the road when suddenly a huge tiger jumped out in front of him. Next person starts the next part of the story with “Fortunately…” so e.g. “Fortunately the man was a tiger tamer who knew how to calm the tiger down” The next person starts the next part of the story with “Unfortunately…” and so on

The Yes/No Game

Each person gets 30 seconds of questions where they have to avoid saying yes or no to answer

Alphabet Chat

Challenge each other to talk for a minute each without using words beginning with an agreed letter of the alphabet. So for example, if you pick the letter E you can’t use any words starting with E.

Make a Magazine

make a family magazine

Set up a family News Desk at the kitchen table!
  1. Decide on what stories are going to go in the magazine. It could be a profile of someone in the family or maybe an interview with a grandparent or someone could draw pictures. Maybe there could be a fun corner with a puzzle or a joke in it.
  2. Decide what story or item will go on what page. You can write down a mini magazine plan on a sheet of paper.
  3. Gather together the materials you’ll need to make up the magazine: paper, pens, photos, any other materials to decorate the magazine.
  4. Have fun putting the magazine together!

#4. Photos Now & Then

photo album

Photos Now

Print off 20 of your recent digital photos and let the kids have fun making up a new photo album. You don’t need to buy an album, they can stick them to onto sheets of paper.

They can be creative about decorating each page around each photo. They might also enjoy writing titles and making the sheets into a new “album” with a specially designed front cover.

Photos Then

Kids (and adults) love looking at photos and hearing stories so find those old photo albums and have a look at the past and share some of your adventures with them.

Now that you’ve looked at some of those old photos, you might enjoy making a family tree with your child.

Have your say! We’re always looking for great ideas for free things to do with kids at home so if you have any that you would like to share pop them in a comment below

More Ideas For Free Things To Do with Kids at Home

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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