20 Utterly Bodacious Kung Fu Panda Party Ideas for Kids

Jennifer Buttner


February 29, 2016

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With the latest Kung Fu Panda arriving in cinemas on 11th March 2016 with paid previews on March 5th & 6th, you may already be getting requests for a Po-filled, Kung Fu-themed celebration that will be full of awesomeness! Kickstart your planning with these 20 Utterly Bodacious Kung Fu Panda Party Ideas for Kids. Skadoosh!

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Kung Fu Panda Decorations & Invitations

#1. Ancient Scroll Invitations

Make some “ancient scroll” invitations using parchment paper, which you roll up and tie with a red ribbon. Alternatively decorate the outside of kitchen towel cardboard roll holders with some red crepe paper and stickers/Chinese symbols, and pop in your rolled parchment paper, covering both ends with tape to keep in place. Hand deliver to your guests.

For something a little more professional looking, Jennuine has a good tutorial over on their site for creating party invitation scrolls.

scroll invitations

Image via Jennuine

#2. Panda Bear Invitations

Thrill your party guests with these cute Panda Bear invitations from ecoscrapbook.

panda bear invitation

Image via ecoscrapbook

Alternatively, you could also just make your own simple panda head invitations. using black and white construction card and write the party details on the reverse.

Another simple option for invitations is to print out some Kung Fu Panda colouring pages (Kung Fu Panda website has some), get your child to colour one in, and then add details to the reverse, before copying the number you require.

#3. Paper Lanterns

Colourful paper lanterns, hanging from the ceiling would add a lovely touch to your Kung Fu Panda inspired party space. Or string a set of battery-operated LED mini lanterns for some added sparkle.

You can find some colourful Chinese hanging lanterns on Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com.

Alternatively decorate some plain white lanterns with patterns or Chinese symbols, or with cute Panda faces like brownbird did for their party.

Panda lanterns

Image via brownbird

#4. Panda Balloons

Create some cute Panda balloons using the easy tutorial over on The DIY Fox. All you will need are white balloons, a sharpie, crepe paper and glue.

panda balloon

Image via The DIY Fox

#5. Chinese Paper Hats

As the kids arrive at the party you could have them make and decorate their own Chinese Paper Hats, with these simple instructions from Activity Village.

Chinese hat

Image via Activity Village 

#6. Black Belt Station

Okay, technically ninja are Japanese, but I reckon your young Kung Fu warriors will not complain! Copy this cute idea from We Know How to Do It and have some black belts or headbands ready for your party guests when they arrive.


Image via We Know How to Do It

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Kung Fu Panda Party Activities

#7. Kung Fu Colouring Pages

Kung Fu Panda official website has a collection of colouring pages that you can download and print out to use at your colouring/craft station. Ideal for when party guests arriving, just add crayons and markers!



Image via Kung Fu Panda 

#8. Easy Panda Craft

With an empty bottle, craft paper and some glue, have the kids made these easy panda crafts from crafty crafted, for the perfect Kung Fu Panda party activity.

rafts for kids chinese new year panda from crafty crafted

Image via Crafty Crafted

#9. No-Sew Felt Kung Fu Panda Masks

We love these No-Sew Kung Fu Panda masks from Hey Let’s Make Stuff, complete with templates for all the characters, which will be sure to put the Skadoosh into any Kung Fu party. These would be ideal for kids to take home as party favours too.


Image via Hey Let’s Make Stuff

#10. Chinese Lanterns

This easy-to-make project from Kaboose.com would make an ideal Kung Fu Panda party activity for the kids. Alternatively, you and the kids could make some in advance to decorate your party space.


Image via Kaboose.com

#11. Kung Fu Panda Party Games

The party warriors will love playing some Kung Fu Panda inspired games.

  • Master Shifu Says – Played like “Simon Says” but with a Kung Fu Panda twist.
  • Pin the Cookie on Po – Like Pin the Tail only with a cookie instead of a tail. Print out/Draw a large version of Po, and cut out some cookies that the kids can try stick in his mouth, while blindfolded. Closest to the mouth, wins
  • Kung Fu Fighting – Get the kids to use their best block and kick Kung Fu moves on balloons / beanbags.
  • Kung Fu Keepy Uppy – The kids must use Kung Fu moves to keep balloons from touching the floor. If space is an issues, this could be played singly, whereby you time each kid to see how long they can keep balloon up.
  • Kung Fu Freeze – Like musical statues but have the kids hold a kung fu pose/move when the music stops.
  • Breaking Boards – Let your little Kung Fu guests demonstrate their strength by breaking styrofoam boards with hands or kicks.
  • Obstacle Course Warrior TrainingCreate an obstacle course and get your young warriors to complete their training.
  • Chopstick Relay – Divide your little warriors into 2 teams, and have them sit in a line. Give the first child in each team a cup / plate with some chinese crackers (use noodles for older kids) and some chopsticks, and hand the rest of the children an empty cup / plate. The first child must pick up the food with the chopsticks and pass to the next plate. The second child, using the chopsticks must pick up and pass to the next child and so on. Winning team is one who gets all the food to the end of the line first with chopsticks.


#12. Panda Masks

The DreamWorks website has some fun Kung Fu Panda activities for kids, including this cute Po Mask.


Image via DreamWorks

Or have the kids make their own panda masks using these templates from First Palette. There are two downloadable options to choose from also.


Image via First Palette

Kung Fu Panda Party Food

#13. Serve Chinese Food

Chinese food is the obvious choice for a Kung Fu Panda party, but to ensure all your young panda fans enjoy, keep it simple with some plain or fried rice, noodles, crispy chicken. Older kids may enjoy some chicken noodle soup.

For added party fun, serve each of the kids their own little Chinese take out box, like this free printable ideas from Any Tots, and if they can manage them, chopsticks.

kung fu panda free printable chinese take out box

Image via Any Tots

#14. Fruit Sushi

Any self-respecting Chinese inspired party is going to need sushi, but to ensure it suits all the kids palates, try these fun fruit sushi ideas from Upstate Ramblings. Yum!


Image via Upstate Ramblings

#15. Easy Mini Panda Cupcakes

How adorable are these little guys from Bakerella? And they are pretty easy to make too, by just decorating some mini chocolate cupcakes.

panda cupcakes

Image via Bakerella

#16. Panda Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza is always a winner with kids, but for added Po factor, make Panda pizzas. Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons has this simple idea using pitta breads, but you could also make your own pizzas using our quick pizza dough recipe, and let the kids make their own pandas to eat!


Image via Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

#17. Fortune Cookies

For some party fun, why not give Homemade Fortune Cookies a go, using this recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, and have some fun writing out Kung Po Panda inspired fortunes? Leave them plain or dip in melted white / milk chocolate and cover with sprinkles. You could even choose a sprinkle colour to match your party colour theme.

fortune-cookie-1056973_640Elevate your cookies further –  Everyday Shortcuts has a neat recipe for making these fab Fortune Cookie & Chopsticks Cupcakes.


Image via Everyday Shortcuts

#18. Panda Marshmallows

We love this cute idea for simple Panda Marshmallow pops from The Decorated Cookie, using marshmallows and an edible pen.

panda marshmallow pops

Image via The Decorated Cookie

#19. Panda Punch

Make your own themed party punch but freezing some red punch in ice cube trays in advance. On party day, just add to your water / clear drinks, and serve with some fun bamboo straws like these available from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

Bamboo straws

#20. Po Panda Cake

Whilst there are lots of inspiring Kung Fu Panda cake ideas out there, we love the simplicity, and cuteness of this Po Panda Cake from I’m A Mom Not A Professional.

panda cake

Image via I’m A Mom Not A Professional

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