20 Things to Do this Summer with Your Child


Spending time with your child is one of the nicest things to do but it’s good to vary activities you do together, here are some ideas for 20 Things to Do this Summer with Your Child.

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1. Take a book out of the library

The library is a wonderful place to visit together and to choose a book (or 3 or 7!) to take home and read together. Our local library also holds events for children and story telling for preschoolers. If you need help picking books for different ages of children, the librarians are always happy to help. Check our our summer reading challenges for ideas and tips too.

big-bug-scavenger-hunt-thumbnail2. Go for a walk in the woods

Make up a picnic and head to your nearest woods or forest. Make the walk interactive by singing songs or looking for signs of nature and animals. Bring home some leaves to do leaf rubbings at home with crayons and paper. Here are some of our fun Scavenger Hunt lists that you can download and print:

3. Dance around the Kitchen

One of my favourite things to do with my daughters is to put on Spotify or iPod and play our favourite song playlist and bop around the kitchen. It’s fun, free and a great rainy day activity when everyone is starting to feel a bit stir crazy.

4. Make cookies or cupcakes

cookiesKids love cooking. I prepare the ingredients a little ahead of time, make sure the butter is out of the fridge and that I have the ingredients and kitchen items that we need out on the counter ready for cooking. My biggest problem is keeping calm over the mess, but these tips on stress-free cooking with kids have helped! (and reminding myself that it’s only mess and I can clean up afterwards. A glass of milk with warm cookies or fairy cakes become even more of a treat when you hae made them youself.

5. Paddle in the sea

Nothing says summer more than heading to the beach for a paddle in the sea. Pack up the car (here’s a handy beach checklist to save you running in and out of the house 10 times!) and don’t forget the talcum powder to get the sand off before you all climb back in the car!

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