50 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids


Stuck inside due to rainy or snowy or too hot weather? Looking for ideas for indoor kids activities? Here are 50 fun, easy and cheap indoor activities for kids.

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#1. Make Paper Aeroplanes

All you need to make Paper Aeroplanes is paper and pens. First fold your paper aeroplane and then the kids can draw the pilots at the front and the passengers looking out of the windows. Then have a Paper Aeroplane race and see whose gets furthest.

#2. Do some Leaf Rubbingsleaf-rubbings-image

Collect a variety of different shaped leaves and with paper and crayons you can have fun making leaf rubbings!

#3. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Our free indoor treasure hunt sheet has – a selection of things to do – things to find – fun activities to help pass the time! All you have to do is provide each child with their printed treasure hunt and a small box to collect their items!

#4. Sock Chase

“I do this all the time with my children aged 9, 7 and 3. I hide socks all over the house up stairs and down stairs. Not pairs but single socks. I give each child a sock each and put on my egg timer which “pings” every two mins.  They must return to me with the pair of socks before the bell sounds. It’s great fun” Ger from Meath

#5. Family Orchestra

Get all your instruments out or make some cheap versions to have a family orchestra.

#6. Enjoy a Board Game

Play some board games together. Here are the 10 best board games recommended by Mykidstime Parents.

#7. Sing Songs Together

See how many songs you can sing together. Choose some fun rounds to sing like 3 Blind Mice or Frere Jacques.

#8. Make a Home Cinema

Set up a home cinema and settle down to watch some fun family movies together. Here are 50 of the Best Family Movies of all time.

#9. Make Homemade Bird Treats

Be kind to our feathered friends by making some homemade bird treats for them.

#10. Crack Some Jokes

See who can tell the funniest Joke that gets everyone giggling or rolling about laughing.  The winning joke is the one that gets the most laughs!

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