Ingenious Ideas for Indoor Games for Kids

indoor games for kids

You are stuck indoors with the kids, it’s pouring/snowing/too hot to head out. What to do… Here are some ingenious ideas for indoor games for kids, that you’ll even want to play too!

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#1. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Our indoor treasure hunt has – a selection of things to do – things to find – fun activities to help pass the time! All you have to do is provide each child with their printed treasure hunt and a small box to collect their items!

indoor games for kids#2. Paper Aeroplane Race

All you need to make Paper Aeroplanes is paper and pens.

First fold your paper aeroplane and then the kids can draw the pilots at the front and the passengers looking out of the windows.

Then have a Paper Aeroplane race and see whose gets furthest.

#3. Sock Chase

“I do this all the time with my children aged 9, 7 and 3. I hide socks all over the house up stairs and down stairs. Not pairs but single socks. I give each child a sock each and put on my egg timer which “pings” every two mins.  They must return to me with the pair of socks before the bell sounds. It’s great fun” Ger from Meath

#4. Animal Walks

“Animal walks….bear walk, duck walk, horse trot, frog jump, a frog with broken legs, the bunny hop, the crab walk, the crazy crab, turtle crawl, seal crawl, the bird, the elephant, the caterpillar to name a few. Assign each child an animal and they must walk the walk from one side of the room to another. Can be timed with races, and can include sounds….great fun!” Aileen 

#5. Animal, Mineral, Vegetable

One person chooses a thing and the others have to guess what it is. The person must only answer yes or no to the questions.

indoor scavenger thumbnail#6. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Nearly everyone owns a digital camera or has camera function on their mobile phone. Make up a list of items, that can be found throughout the house. The children most find and photograph each item on the list! Why not try finding the items on our Scavenger Hunt!

More Mega Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

#7. Play Fortunately, Unfortunately

One person starts off a story e.g. A man was walking down the road when suddenly a huge tiger jumped out in front of him. Next person starts the next part of the story with “Fortunately…” so e.g. “Fortunately the man was a tiger tamer who knew how to calm the tiger down” The next person starts the next part of the story with “Unfortunately…” and so on.

#8. Play Alphabet Chat

Challenge each other to talk for a minute each without using words beginning with an agreed letter of the alphabet.

racing track#9. Racing Track Game

Using some masking tape, create a racing track for cars to race around the living room by using the tape twice to make a parallel track.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Tuksal’s Fun For Kids Pinterest Board.

#10. Dance-a-thon

“I have a dancing competition with my kids, we play fun songs and see who can do the best dance moves….it’s so much fun and the kids love it! They always end up sweating so much I have to pile them all into the bath. (I have 3 children)” Eavan

#11. Micro Treasure Hunt

paperclip250x187Everyone gets a matchbox to fill it with as many tiny objects as they can find. They have ten minutes to find and fit into their matchbox as many tiny whole objects as they can. Tiny Things that would fit in the matchbox could include:

  •     a paper clip
  •     a drawing pin
  •     a pea
  •     a button
  •     a piece of lego
  •     a flower petal
  •     a bead….

#12. Ride ‘Em Cowboy

Equipment: Per team: 1 hat; 1 cowboy belt, holster and gun; 1 chair; 18 inflated balloons.

  1. Divide the group into teams. A chair is placed about fifteen to twenty feet in front of each team.
  2. On ‘Go’, the first person on each team puts on the hat, cowboy holster and gun and places a balloon between his knees.
  3. He proceeds in bowlegged fashion to the chair, where he places the balloon on the seat and rides the ‘bronco’ until it ‘breaks’.
  4. He returns to his line, passing his hat and belt to the next cowboy.
  5. The game proceeds in this relay fashion until all broncos have been broken.

indoor games for kids#13. The Button Game

Get out your button stash and set up a tray with different coloured pairs of buttons. Mix them all up and your child has to match the coloured pairs together again.

(Obviously more suitable for older kids who won’t be tempted to eat them!)

#14. Indoor Obstacle Course

Create an indoor obstacle course with plenty of climbing, crawling, hopping, jumping, falling on cushions/mattresses and let the kids go mad and try to beat each other’s times round the course.

kids clothing#15. Play Dress Up

You can let the kids use their dress-up boxes, but more fun is to let them loose in your wardrobes. Ideally drag out some of your older clothes, that are not fashionable anymore, but that doesn’t mean your little one won’t love running around in them!

#16. Balloon Ping-Pong

All you need is some balloons and either table-tennis bats, or make your own bats using paperplates and sticks for handles. Clear some space in the hall and off they go.

#17. Stop the Bus

  • Each person has a piece of paper and draws on columns for these headings Girls Name, Boys Name, Animal, Food/Drink, Place.
  • One person says the Alphabet silently in their head while another says Stop the Bus and that letter is the initial to come up with answers to the categories.
  • When everyone has finished you score up 10 points for a unique answer that no one else has and 5 points for a duplicate answer.
  • You can come up with new categories as well to play against.

#18. Play Outdoor Games, Indoors!

Not all outdoor games can move inside, and swingball is best left outside, but you can easily play skittles in the hall, or hold hula-hoop competitions.

Or how about setting up indoor hopscotch with masking tape and a beanbag as your “stone”?

toddler games#19. Play Shop

Set up a little grocery/mini supermarket with tins and packets. If you have a play till set up a checkout table and they can take it in turns to be the checkout person or the shopper. The ironing board made a great checkout in my youth! Have some bags ready to put the purchases in.

#20. Paper Plate Ring Toss Game

Take 3 or 4 paper plates. Draw a smaller circle in the middle of each plate and cut it out so you have a ring. Your child could paint the plates before you do this so they are bright colours.

Then set up the ring toss with a paper towel roll stuck to the floor and each person has to toss the plate rings onto the roll.

Over to you now, what’s your standby indoor game for kids? Share it with us in the comments below!

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