60 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids for the Entire Year


Studies have shown that spending time outside is good for your health. During the summer, when the weather is warm and the kids are out of school, it’s natural to play around in the yard or take a dip in the pool. But there’s no good reason you should miss out on the benefits of the great outdoors during the rest of the year! There are plenty of fun activities you can do in every season. Here’s 60 Fun Outdoor Activities for the Entire Year, brought to you by Goedeker’s.


Photo by Flickr user Scooter Lowrimore.

#1. Read outside.

Pick up your book or e-reader, find a nice comfortable spot to sit, and get to reading! There’s no need to stay cooped up indoors when you could be out getting some fresh air while you read.

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#2. Play in the rain.

Spring is generally the wettest season, so if you ever find yourself with free time during a gentle shower, don’t be afraid to get right out in the middle of it. Walk, run, skip, or dance through the droplets. Here’s Top Ten Things to do Outside in the Rain.

#3. Jump in puddles.

After the rain – or even during – splash around in some of the puddles that have formed.

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#4. Get a little muddy.

If you’re fine with having a mess to clean up later, why not squish around in the mud? Get your toes dirty, make a mud pie, or try several other fun activities from Hands On As We Grow.

#5. Climb a tree.

Get some exercise as well as a bird’s eye view of your neighborhood! You could also get the kids to measure a tree.

#6. Fly a kite.

It’s easy to be enchanted by kite flying at any age. Just make sure you find a nice, open field and go out on a breezy day for the best results. You could even try your hand at making the kites.

#7. Jump rope.

This is one of my personal favorite outdoor activities. Use a short, single-person rope or find a longer rope so the whole family can get involved, alternating who’s turning and who’s jumping.

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#8. Tend a garden.

Whether it’s a single pot or an expansive garden plot, try your hand at growing something. It’ll teach the value of hard work when you’re later rewarded with beautiful flowers or tasty veggies to eat. Here’s how to grow your own pizza garden & tips for making your garden a fun place to be.

Photo by Flickr user Ruth Hartnup.
Photo by Flickr user Ruth Hartnup.

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#9. Have a picnic.

Grab a blanket and a basket full of goodies and head outside for a picnic lunch! It could take place in the comfort of your own backyard, or you could venture to a nearby park. Make your own homemade lemonade and these chocolate chip cookies for a real treat!

#10. Go geocaching.

Geocaching is just like a treasure hunt, but on a global scale! Get everyone involved calling out directions and scouting out geocaches. Heres’ a guide to geocaching

#11. Make a bird feeder.

This is a craft project that can provide plenty of enjoyment for your family – and plenty of food for a local bird family! This list from The DIY Dreamer includes several feeders that can be made from used or recycled materials. Or try your hand making this bird-feeder.

#12. Engage in pretend play.

Encourage your children to stretch their imaginations and develop their minds through pretend play.

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#13. Create some art.

Is your kid dying to get their hands on a paint set, but you’re hesitant because of the mess it could make? Just pack up your paints and take them outside! There are loads of crafts or art projects your child could work on outdoors.

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#14. Host a clothesline art show.

Once you’ve accumulated a collection of your kid’s masterpieces, go ahead and put them on display! You can invite family and friends, serve refreshments, and make an event of it.

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#15. Play some outdoor Scrabble.

Test your vocabulary skills, practice spelling, and have a blast through this oversized Scrabble game from Constantly Lovestruck,where your yard is your game board!

#16. Brush up those math skills.

Sneak some math lessons into your kid’s day through games, pretend play, and more! Reading Confetti has some great ideas for outdoor maths games.

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#17. Do some science experiments.

Feel free to get a little messy when you tackle these science activities – 5 Fun Science Experiments for Kids to try at home, & 6 Summer Science Experiments for Kids.

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