10 Boredom Busting Rainy Day Activities for Kids


April 29, 2012

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Rain got you cooped up indoors with the kids? Looking for things to do with the kids? Here’s 10 Boredom Busting Rainy day activities for kids! All it takes is a little creativity on your part and they will be having so much fun, they won’t even want to go outside!

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1. Cooking with Kids

Whether it’s making dinner or baking cookies or a cake, the children will love to help out.

Get them involved in the process by letting them measure out the flour, get the ingredients from the cupboard and read the instructions from the receipe.

Try our best cupcake recipe or homemade pizza or lots more ideas in our recipe section.

2. Dig Out the old Home videos & photos

Put on an old home video of you when you were younger or show them old photographs and tell them a story to with it. Kids love to see video or pictures of themselves, show them their baby pics and tell them some stores about when they were smallies.

3. Treasure Hunters

A Treasure Hunt is one of those rainy day activities that requires a little advance parental prep. but is always a big hit with the kids, whether it’s raining or not!!

Stash clues around the house (adjust the difficulty based on the age of your kids, use picture cues for little ones, tricky puns for older children), directing kids to hunt for a hidden prize.

Or how about a Matchbox Hunt?

If your guys love treasure hunts, then when the weather brightens up, they may also like Geocaching – A Modern Day Treasure Hunt or Letterboxing in Ireland.

moustaches-thumbnail4. Get Moustache-y!

Have some moustache fun with our free downloadable Match the Moustache game.

5. Play an old fashioned Board Game

Here are 10 of the best board games according to Mykidstime Parents!

6. Home Cinema

Why not make your own home cinema ? Close the curtains, put on the pop-corn, make home-made cinema tickets, use a torch to show the children to their seats and snuggle up with the kids to watch a movie.

7. Camping in the Great Indoors!

What child doesn’t love building a princess castle or a fortress indoors?

Pick a room in the house that you don’t mind being rearranged for a few hours, and use sheets and blankets and lots of pegs to secure them as a roof between tables, sofas and chairs.

Encourage your children to use their imaginations – they can create rooms inside with towels and other furniture, dress up and act out stories from their favourite books, and even have a picnic in there for lunch.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Nearly everyone owns a digital camera or has camera function on their mobile phone.

Make up a list of items, that can be found throughout the house.

The children most find and photograph each item on the list! Why not try finding the items on our indoor Scavenger Hunt!

10 Boredom Busting Activities for Kids9. Have a Jigsaw afternoon

Jigsaws are a whole-family activity that can work well between differently-aged siblings.

Set each member of the family up with a puzzle to suit their skill level, all helping each other finish, or create teams to work on large puzzle together.

You can even make your own family-photo jigsaws using an enlarged photo printed onto plain paper from your computer

10. Get suited & booted

Just because it is raining it doesn’t mean you have to stay inside.

Why not pull on the waterproofs, if you have them, wellington boots, grab an umbrella, put on a coat and head out in the rain to dance and splash in the puddles!

Give them a camera so they can capture the weather – spring showers provide a perfect opportunity to capture rare images of water droplets, colourful cloud formations, reflections in puddles, and beautiful rainbows. Here’s Top Ten Things to do outside in rain.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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